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The 3 Most Outrageous Casino Wins In The World

The 3 Most Outrageous Casino Wins In The World image

After it was announced that New Jersey resident Cathy Ruela had won an incredible £1.3 million while gambling online through Millionaire Genie, the virtual world celebrated its first official millionaire. This represented a seminal moment for the industry, although she is by no means the first individual to win big through a casino or gambling format. Bricks and mortar casinos have been generating large scale wins for generations, and despite falling revenues in Vegas and New Jersey they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most large scale casino wins in history. These include:

Archie Karas ($50 Million Earnings)

If there is one story that embodies the romance and potential of gambling, it is the narrative or Archie Karas. His story reads like the pages of a fictional novel, and it began when he visited the Vegas Strip armed with just $50 of his hard-earned cash. With this and a carefully cultivated strategy, he quickly made ten thousand dollars and become one of the most famous winners in Vegas history. He kept on going too, and managed to earn an incredible $40 million over the course of his career. Although this tale ended in tragedy as he lost his entire fortune, his achievement in generating such wealth is worthy of consideration.

Elmer Sherwin ($26 Million Earnings)

If Archie Karas’ tale delivers hope, skill, achievement and despair in equal, Elmer Sherwin’s story is purely one of chance. Sherwin’s fortune came through separate and incredulous victories on the Megabucks casino slots. After earning a staggering $5 million in 1989, he tried his luck again in 2005 and won a record breaking $21 million. The estimated odds of winning once on this machine are one in fifty million, so to achieve this twice is even more incredible. With $26 million in career earnings, Sherwin has emerged as one of the most successful gamblers in history.

Mike Ashley ($1.6 Million)

The third largest bricks and mortar casino win was achieved by Newcastle United owners and media mogul Mike Ashley, who win $1.6 million at the Fifty London Casino roulette table. Having already earned his fortune, this was a delightful bonus and one that was achieved on little more than an impulse decision to play. Not a regular player, he decided to gamble this money in 2011 only to lose an equally staggering £1 million in just 2 hours. This once again highlights the ebbs and flows of top level gambling, and the importance of knowing when to walk away with your winnings.