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The Art of Engagement: Enticing Gamblers with Real-time Promotions

The Art of Engagement: Enticing Gamblers with Real-time Promotions image

The Art of Engagement: Enticing Gamblers with Real-time Promotions

If you are registered with one of the nations’ leading online casinos, you are likely to have benefitted from a huge number of promotions and welcome packages. Although you may not have received regular bonus packages as a long-term member of a single casino, as a new registrant you will be showered on discounts and generous rewards that are aimed to engage you and retain you as a customer. How successful these efforts are depend on your outlook as a consumer, and whether or not you make brands work for your custom.

While many brands initially looked to claim their market share simply by sinking capital into the cultivation of vast and enticing bonus packages, there has been a subtle change of emphasis in recent times. So although there is still a drive to deliver welcome bonuses and deposit matches in excess of 100%, brands are also created a wider diversity of more innovative packages for discerning customers. This is certainly the case with Sky Casino, whose Weekly Windfall promotion is extremely popular among new and existing players alike.


So how exactly does this work? Initially, you need to log into your Sky Casino account and play as you would on any given day. At the start of each new week, accounts are reviewed and several accounts are selected arbitrarily according to their level of activity. Bonuses are then paid before 7pm on Wednesday, and once they are accepted they appear in the accounts of lucky players. This provides the ideal tonic for regular players, while it also encourages regular gameplay and adds an element of surprise to the virtual gaming experience.

This type of promotion is increasingly prominent, and it taps into a rising trend for rewarding loyal, active and existing customers. It also represents a move away from the drive to throw money at customers, as brands instead to be more thoughtful when developing bonuses that drive higher revenues over time.

This is exactly what the Sky Casino Weekly Windfall does, as only players with a high level of activity have the chance to win. This means that while the amount spent in awarded bonuses may be relatively high and represent a recurring cost, this is exceeded by the total money invested by gamblers on a weekly basis in the pursuit of rewards.