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The Best Gambling Books of all Time

The Best Gambling Books of all Time image

The Best Gambling Books of all Time

If there is one prominent consequence of remote gambling, it is the fact that casino gameplay is now more accessible than at any point in history. The evolution of online gambling has also enabled players to operate in a well-regulated and distraction-free space, where they can apply their various strategies and indulge their past-time without being forced to leave the comfort of their own home. While online gameplay offers genuine advantages to participants, however, those who are committed to the platform should research the incredible history of gambling and its appeal in the corporeal world.

3 Great Gambling Books for Online Players

By delving into the history of gambling and bricks and mortar casinos, players can maintain perspective and identify the pitfalls of regular gameplay. With this in mind, here are three great pieces of gambling literature that online players should read:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (by Hunter S. Thompson)

The perfect fusion of fact and fiction, this account of Hunter S. Thompson’s wild Vegas adventure exposes the dark and sinister side of the brightly lit strip. From excess drug use to outlandish behaviour, the book manages to serve as a cautionary tale while also capturing the magic of Vegas in its unique role as ‘America’s Playground’. It is particularly informative and insightful for aspiring online gamblers, as it warns about the dangers of advancing to bricks and mortar casinos and the immersive nature of Vegas culture.

Beat the Dealer (by Edward O. Thorp)

From the sublime and occasionally ridiculous, we encounter a diametrically opposed perspective on gambling from mathematics professor Edward Thorp. A cut above the swathe of alternative books detailing blackjack strategy and theory, Thorp’s offering ‘Beat the Dealer’ explains basic concepts and how they can be evolved into winning techniques. This book has sold a staggering 700,000 copies worldwide, and its sheer depth of knowledge and information must be seen to be believed. This information can be easily applied by online players, so the book has earned enduring popularity as remote casinos have taken hold of the industry.   

Gambling 102 (by Michael Shackleford)

On a similar note, ‘Gambling 102’ also offers an incredible insight into online and offline blackjack gameplay. It was written by a man who is considered to be the worlds’ formative gambling mathematician (Michael Shackleford), who is also known in popular culture as the ‘Wizard of Odds’. This book goes beyond basic introductions and generic insight, as it delivers information that is beneficial to those who, already have a keen grasp of blackjack and its fundamental elements.  It is therefore ideal for those who have already played extensively online and want to advance their game onto a more exalted level.