The Growth of Mobile Casino Gaming: From Inception to Modern Day

Free Casino takes a look at the rise of mobile casino gaming, which is now a fundamental part of the remote gambling sector.

The Growth of Mobile Casino Gaming: From Inception to Modern Day 

There is a quintessential human characteristic that loves to gamble, whether this manifests itself in calculated career risks or the decision to wager on the spin of a roulette wheel. This indefinable attribute is at least partially responsible for the rise of mobile casino gaming, which is now a fundamental part of a remote gambling sector that will be worth $182.8 by the end of 2015. With a growing number of reputable casinos, mobile gambling is likely to become even more popular in the years to come.

To support this, you need only look at bare industry statistics. Spending on mobile casino games through Apple’s iOS platform rose by 55% in the twelve months from November 2013, for example, while the value of this market as a whole soared to an incredible $2.7 billion. This represents just the tip of the iceberg, however, as the rising trend for real-money and live tournament gambling is set to increase this revenue threefold in the next two years. This means that the market’s value could top $100 billion within 24 months, outstripping console gaming and the smartphone sector in the process.

Even allowing for the fact that mobile device users will outnumber those with a regular desktop computer within the next five years, the extent of this growth will surprise many. The statistics also underline the fact that mobile gambling is the most popular online activities, with the majority of major and independent online casinos now creating real-time platforms that can be accessed through smartphones and tablet devices. The recent acceleration of growth has also been exacerbated by the entry of major bricks and mortar casinos into the marketplace, with these brands looking to diversify as a way of capitalising on rising demand and minimising falling revenues.

While the future of the market is undoubtedly bright, its precise course is difficult to predict. The emergence of real money gambling is a significant game-changer, however, as it helps online outlets to offer a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. This is a crucial part of the market’s appeal, as improved graphics, enhanced audio quality and a higher rate of interaction between dealers and players encourages individuals to spend more time and money through various games.