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The Rise of Player Incentives

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The Rise of Player Incentives

In days gone by, gamblers were restricted to playing in bricks and mortar casinos, where they had a limited incentives or financial bonuses. In essence, they were able to gamble with whatever they had, although this was hardly conducive to new players who had minimal experience of the tables and classic casino games.  

Today’s generation of gamblers are more fortunate, however, in that they are able to access an incredible array of virtual casino brands online while also benefiting from huge bonuses and welcome packages. It is truly a golden age for online gamblers, especially those who are new to the market and keen to optimise their earning potential.

In many ways, the trend for lucrative online bonuses and welcome packages is old news. It has even been evolved further by progressive brands such as Gala Bingo, who now enable players to personalise their own custom bonus to suit individual needs, tastes and gaming preferences. This is a logical progression, as it lets you get the most from your time online and generate free capital that can be used as and when you need it. Such a trend is also prevalent across alternative industries and sectors, where consumers can access on-demand products and services that are tailored to their needs.


In order to facilitate choice for consumers, however, Gala and similar brands have included these customisable bonus options alongside more rigid alternatives. There are classic templates used by casino brands to target customers, including first and second deposits of up to 100% and free spins across multiple live roulette formats. By integrating these with flexible bonus packages that can be changed to suit each player, brands can pander to a far wider range of needs.

The development of customisable bonus packages represents the next step for the virtual casino world, which continues to evolve rapidly on the back of increased innovation and technological advancement. It is also a market sector where operators have an innate understand of their customers, which enables brands such as Gala to develop new products, games and bonuses to meet the expectations of gamblers. We should therefore expect to see a growing number of brands offer flexible bonus options to players, while more creative packages will also become available and operators look to compete more aggressively.