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The Truth about Slot Machines: Fiction Exposed

The Truth about Slot Machines: Fiction Exposed image

The Truth about Slot Machines: Fiction Exposed

While it may not be deemed as the most classical or skilful casino games, slot machines retain a fascinating allure for players all around the world. This type of gaming has been popularised even further with the advent of remote and mobile gambling, through which players can access a diverse range of three and five reel slots that have been inspired by a number of creative themes. While slot machines may be increasingly popular in the modern age, however, there remain a number of commonly quoted facts that lack genuine accuracy.

With this in mind, let’s consider three commonly quoted slot machine facts that are actually little more than myths. 

It is Possible to Consistently Beat Slot Machines with Strategy Alone 

As with any casino game, there are a number of so-called experts who claim that slot machine gaming can be mastered completely with strategy alone. This is a reckless and inaccurate assertion, as it overlooks that the outcome of every single bet is largely determined by a random number sequence. Even if you are able to use skill stops as a way of managing the element of chance, this is not enough to guarantee consistent winning results. Instead, it is far better to build a strategy based on probability, pay-out odds and the cumulative number of pay lines available.

The Casino or Operator has an Unfair Edge through Slot Machine Gaming

Let’s face facts: every casino game has an individual house edge, and this helps players to understand their odds of winning prior to entering into a tournament or session. Despite this, there are some people who assert that operators hold a far higher house edge through slot machines than any other type of game, which is completely untrue and erroneous. So while the house edge may vary slightly across individual machines, this follows the example of every other casino game and is usually compensated for with suitable pay-outs and odds.

Slot Machines Operate According to a Pre-Programmed Sequence

This arguably the most devastating myth surrounding slot gaming, as it is entirely untrue and likely to deter players for partaking in specific games. In fact, both online and offline slots utilise alternative versions of classic random number generator software (RNG), which guarantees that all results are entirely random and fair for every single player. It is important to both understand and respect the random nature of slot machine gaming, and not become preoccupied with inaccurate myths and accusations.