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The UK’s Best Online Casinos

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Free Casino has identified 888casino as one of the UK's best online casinos thanks to its innovative promotions and discounts

While the console may have been king of the gaming world between 1994 and 2006, the demand for mobile and online platforms is finally peaking. This is because players are becoming increasingly interested in cross-platform gaming, as opposed to the more linear experience provided by consoles.

At the heart of this rising popularity is the burgeoning number of online casinos and gambling games, which will contribute towards mobile revenue of more than $9 billion. As online casino sites become increasingly widespread, the type of available games also diversifies and leaves consumers with a difficult choice.

3 of the Best Online Casinos in the UK

With this in mind, we have identified three of the best online casinos that are accessible in the UK.  

888 Casino – The Home of Promotional Offers and Discounts

Arguably the most innovative UK casino in terms of promotions and discounts, 888 Casino is also one of the more generous. The brand offers an immediate and indiscriminate registration bonus of £88, in addition to a £100 first deposit match.  This site does not stop there, however, as it also rolls out Happy Hour bonuses for selected winners who will be able to enjoy a high volume of free game play. If you are a value conscious gambler who enjoys multiple games, the 888 Casino application is ideal for you.

BetVictor – Renowned for Fair Play and Customer Satisfaction

While the gaming world recently rejoiced in announcing its first legal, online millionaire, large returns are not the only factor to consider when gambling in the virtual world. This demands transparency, fairness and integrity, and one betting brand that remains synonymous with these values is BetVictor. While it is primarily associated with sports betting, it has launched its own online casino that delivers high levels customer satisfaction and fair play for all. New players are also welcomed with a generous £175 welcome bonus.

Boyle Casino – Enjoy an Engaging and Interactive Gaming Experience

Above all else, the single most important factor for gamers to consider is the need for an interactive and immersive experience. This is delivered in abundance by Boyle Casino, which includes a number of innovative features including Live Dealers, high quality games and an improved, recently unveiled £200 casino bonus. These seemingly small but important touches can make a significant difference, while they also ensure that you are able to replicate a genuine casino experience from the comfort of your own home.