TOP 5 Progressive Jackpots This Week

If you want to win BIG on the slots then you need to regularly check out our weekly updated list of the biggest and best progressive jackpots around!

TOP 5 Progressive Jackpots This Week

Date Last Verified: 13th November 2015

If you are looking for the chance to win a large amount of money online that could change your life, then progressive jackpots are the way to go. These type of slot games don’t have fixed jackpots like ordinary slot games, they have a jackpot that increases with play. Each time money is staked and the reels spun, a small amount of that stake is allocated to the jackpot, so the it can be ever increasing.

Progressive jackpots can have a specific combination of symbols that you need to have appear in the correct place on the reels in any one spin to win. It may also be that the highest jackpot prize can only be won with the highest level of stake per game. However, there are also progressive jackpot games that can be won completely randomly and just at the time that the slot decides to payout. This means no specific symbols are required and it can be won at any stake level.

However, these latter type of slots may see the normal prizes on offer appear less frequently due to the fact that the mega jackpot can be won at the lowest stake level. Whichever type of progressive jackpot you play, there is no taking away from the fact that these huge prizes DO get won and can change your life forever.

Therefore to help you decide on which slot to play we have compiled a chart of the top 5 slot jackpots for the week. These will be listed by size of jackpot with a direct link to the site that has this slot available. This list will be updated weekly, so jackpot levels as shown below will change, so please check back on a regular basis as different slots may appear in this list each week.

Date Last Verified: 13th November 2015


Jackpot Game



Giant Jackpot




Gold Rally




Clover Rollover




Funky Fruits




Mega Moolah



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