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UK gamblers could benefit from FBI shut down

UK gamblers could benefit from FBI shut down image

US poker players who normally prefer playing from the comfort of their homes have been arriving in their droves to play in ‘real’ casinos reports the Daily Mail.

The story follows the lock down of three major internet poker sites who are alleged to have been allowing US gamblers to play on their websites, in contravention to USA gambling laws.

The article on the Daily Mail website claims the Hustler Casino in California has been doing 15% more trade since the sites were shut down, quoting manager, Craig Kaufman as saying the online players stood out “like zebra around a bunch of cows” and predicting a change in approach to club games towards the internet players’ more aggressive style.

The FBI’s action has left many disgruntled US citizens. Cameron Mirsaidi, a water treatment manager in Durham, North Carolina, had been playing up to 35 hours a week on the Internet. He said: 'There's nothing left now. It feels like a dictatorship. This is not the way to do it. The people want to play.'

Joseph Kelly, a gambling policy expert and professor of business law at Buffalo State College in New York, said many gamblers would risk using less reputable sites. He said: 'This is a battle the U.S. might win in the short run but they're not going to stamp out online poker playing.'

Online gamblers from UK and the rest of Europe could be set to benefit from the misfortune of their American counterparts.  Internet gambling is perfectly legal and above board in Europe and many other territories worldwide, but the action of the USA authorities has spurred leading online casino operators to re-assure its members that their casinos are safe and a convenient place to play.

Bet365, one of the world’s largest online casinos, could be among a number of internet betting sites to offer extra bonuses to keep confidence among its membership high.

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