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Virtual Racing and more: Online Gaming Innovations for 2015

Virtual Racing and more: Online Gaming Innovations for 2015 image

Virtual Racing and more: Online Gaming Innovations for 2015

The online gaming and gambling platform is increasingly diverse, with a huge array of games and experiences available to players of all descriptions. Every year sees an acceleration of growth and innovation, however, while the software used to underpin individuals games continues to develop at pace. This year will be no exception, with operators and online casino brands already innovating aggressively to compete for their fair share of customers.

The year 2015 is set to be particularly distinguished for the online gaming market, which will achieve a cumulative value of $182.8 billion by the end of the next twelve months. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the leading online gaming innovations that will take hold in the next year or so:

Virtual Racing and Gameplay

As if gambling on real games and racing was not enough, many casinos are now enabling customers to bet on virtual sports online. From international football games to experiencing a virtual day at the races with Derby Day on the William Hill Casino, players can escape into a fantasy world of their preferred sporting past-times. This is set to become big business in 2015, while it enables online casinos to generate steady streams of income even when there is a lull during or between major sporting events.


Live and Real-time Gameplay

While this is nothing new, 2015 will be the year that live; online gameplay begins to take hold. More specifically, brands will make a concerted effort to create more authentic interactions between the dealer and individual players. This is already evident in poker, while real-time roulette games are now replicating the bricks and mortar standard of two spins per minute. These seemingly small details are important, as they have a huge influence on the experience and its overall level of engagement.

Themed Slot will dominate the market

Themed slot games emerged as huge business in 2014, and the next twelve months will see this impact compounded by higher volumes and more creative innovations. We will also see a greater crossover between different genres of popular culture, as film launches such as the latest Jurassic Park title and others inspire new and spectacular games. Keep your ears to the grapevine this year, as you are bound to access a huge amount of theme-inspired slot games that are truly memorable and fun to play.