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What are the benefits of playing Five or Six Deck Blackjack?

What are the benefits of playing Five or Six Deck Blackjack? image

What are the benefits of playing Five or Six Deck Blackjack?

To many gamblers, the notion of playing multi-deck blackjack is alien. While formats such as five and six hand blackjack are available through reputable outlets such as the Gala Casino, they are often eschewed in favour of more favourable variations. This stands to reason, as single deck blackjack is often considered to be the Holy Grail of the game due its reduced odds and supposedly higher returns. The house edge is just 0.15% when playing single deck blackjack and this represents some of the best odds associated with any casino game.

With this in mind, you may be surprised to note that there are in fact several advantages to playing multi-deck blackjack.

Avoid Unfavourable Rules

While theory may dictate that single deck blackjack offers better odds to players, reality tells a different story. After all, it is not unknown for casino brands to establish unfavourable rules that increase the house edge outside of existing game regulations, with many choosing to make 6/5 blackjack pay outs as opposed to the traditional 3/2. This alters the house edge considerably and increases it to 1.45%, which in many cases is far in advance of the 0.5% associated with five, six or eight deck formats.


More Points, Rewards and Incentive

Online casino brands are fair but business minded outlets, meaning that their points, rewards and promotional schemes are generally aimed at high rollers or regular players. This means that they incentivise players to participate in games with a higher house edge (such as five or six deck blackjack) while encouraging them to ignore less profitable formats. This can play into your favour as players, as you benefit from generous promotions, free gameplay and regular competition points that can be translated into cash rewards.

Play with Multiple Hands

In general terms (and specifically with the six deck blackjack format available through Gala), multi-deck variations allow players to operate numerous hands simultaneously. Although this requires composure, experience and a keen sense of hand-eye coordination, it also optimises your chance of drawing a viable hand that can carry the day. Depending on the face-up dealer card, having access to multiple hands may ultimately make the difference between winning and losing, so it worth enhancing your skills and trying your hand at this format rather than choosing the seemingly safe option.