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What Distinguishes Video Poker to Traditional Poker?

What Distinguishes Video Poker to Traditional Poker? image

What Distinguishes Video Poker to Traditional Poker?

If you are an avid poker fan with considerable experience and a keen understanding of body language, the idea of playing online may not immediately boast any appeal. After all, the ability to read body language and interpret the physical tells of rival players offer a key advantage to skilled performers, especially those who like to estimate when participants are bluffing or attempting to disguise an excellent hand. While the various formats of poker remain unchanged regardless of the platform, the decision to play on or offline can have an impact on both the experience and your chances of success.

When you first access a video poker room through Bet365, you will be alarmed by the lack of physical interaction and rival players. While you would scarcely have expected this, it seems like quite an empty and surreal experience if you are used to mixing with others in bricks and mortar casinos. Almost immediately, you are forced to reply on your innate skills and experience, rather than being able to psyche out physical opponents to adapt your strategy based on the physical tells of others.

Similarly, the pace of video poker can also seem a little more frenetic than the typical, land-based casino. Dealers can draw hands quickly and accurately, while this can also be tailored to suit your skill-set and experience. If you enjoy the challenge of playing rapid hands or multiple games simultaneously, for example, you can play live or fast-pace formats that offer you greater rewards. If you are new to the virtual realm, however, you may be better served by playing slower hands in a friendlier and less-competitive environment.


With this and a greater diversity of titles available online, virtual or video poker does offer some advantages that traditional gaming does not. It certainly makes up for the lack of physical interaction and body language interpretation, as online players have a far greater opportunity to tailor their experience and tip the odds in their favour.

As you can see, there are a number of subtle differences between playing traditional poker and the modern, video alternative. There is no clear winner, however, and your ultimate choice will depend on various factors and your personal preferences as a player. Be sure to make an informed decision, however, and ensure that you scale your experience if you make the transition between off and online platforms.