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What is an Online Slot Machine Skill Stop?

What is an Online Slot Machine Skill Stop? image

What is an Online Slot Machine Skill Stop?

For anyone who is looking to be successful when playing slot machine games, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was predominantly a game of chance that required little or no dexterity. This is largely a false perception, however, as enjoying regular success when enjoying slot machine games demands knowledge, understanding and no little strategy. A key component of this is slot machine skill stops, which can help to minimise the risk of loss whether you play offline or online.

What are Slot Machine Skill Stops?

In basic terms, the slot machine skill stop was designed to remove the random elements of gameplay and afford you more control as a player. These features tend to polarise opinion, as while some believe that they redress the balance too much, others feel that they are misrepresented by operators as they actually have no direct impact on the outcome of the game. This controversy exists despite a relatively simple premise, which suggests that the single touch of a button can eliminate random elements of a game and enable players to immediately exert more control.


The first machines to feature skill stops were designed in the 1970’s, after new gambling laws deemed that players must be afforded more control with regards to the outcome of the game.  This was achieved with the design of a single button, which players could press at any time to determine when each reel of a slot machine stops. This has subsequently emerged as a common feature of almost all real-time slot machines, with even online operators offering a responsive option for players to control individual reels and stops.

Do Slot Machine Skill Stops Work?

While skill stop buttons and icons may afford players the illusion of control, however, logic suggests that they actually have no definitive impact on a typical game. If you consider the speed at which reels spin, for example, and the fact that there are usually 3 or 5 individual reels to watch in real-time, it is almost impossible to accurately hit a button to dictate which image will be hit.

Rather than banking on this novel but redundant feature, players would be better served by basing a strategy that deals in facts such as pay-out percentages, the number of paylines and their overall probability of winning. This will enable players to be more successful over time, while also allowing them to negate risk and enjoy more consistent results.