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Where does Craps Stand in the Plethora of Casino Games?

Where does Craps Stand in the Plethora of Casino Games? image

Where does Craps Stand in the Plethora of Casino Games?

If you have a pen and paper handy, why not make a note of what you think are the most popular casino games? No matter what your preference, we would wager that craps does not feature ahead of poker, roulette or blackjack on the majority of lists. This is not a criticism of the game, but more a reflection of the fact that it lacks the universal appeal of its rivals. While it may be derided by some as a simple game of chance, however, the same assertion could easily be aimed at roulette and it is wrong to unfairly categorise that has given fun to millions of players around the world.

The Underlying Appeal of Craps

In fact, it is all too easy to overlook the fact that craps can be quite intimidating for beginners. After all, the layout of the table lists multiple potential bets, while players will often bark their commands in what can be described as an unfamiliar and unnatural tone. The pace of the game is also challenging, especially in online formats such as those hosted by the William Hill Casino. Although the results primarily depend on the roll of a dice, there are multiple potential results and the frenetic nature of the game can be too much for some players to bear.

With such a wide range of bets, attempting to define an accurate house edge can be challenging. It is often standardised by operators, however, who assert that the house edge should be determined by the ratio of the expected loss to the initial wager. While this is complicated by the fact that often takes many rolls of the dice to determine an individual bet or outcome, the majority of discount meaningless moves and determine the house edge without them. It is important to understand this and factor it into your strategy, as this will help you to understand the odds you are facing and your chances of success.


Is Craps the Game for you?

Ultimately, determining whether or not craps is the game for you depends on your outlook, appetite for risk and individual strategy. It also depends on whether or not you are a serious or recreational gambler, as like roulette craps is primarily a game of chance where any potential strategy must be carefully conceived and expertly applied. Unless you are able to understand the innate nature of the game and fully appreciate its opportunistic nature, you are better chancing your arm at easier to comprehend games.