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Which Casino Games Offers Punters The Best Odds?

Which Casino Games Offers Punters The Best Odds? image

There have been a number of big online casino wins in recent times, from the unveiling of New Jersey’s first virtual gaming millionaire to others who have succeeded through the popular resource Slotland. This proves beyond doubt that making a transition from real world to virtual gambling is entirely possible, while it also reminds us that despite a significant shift in format the basic rules of gambling apply across all genres. Your understanding of these rules is crucial, as it will dictate your strategy.

A good starting point is to determine which traditional casino games have the best odds, and the steps that you can take to improve these further.


Poker is arguably the single most popular casino game, and one that requires a huge amount of skill and purpose. While this may make game play a difficult art to master, once you have achieved this you have greatly improved odds of winning. The only difference between online and corporeal casino game play is that while the former offers you the opportunity to review individual player statistics and study their behaviour, it does not enable you to read physical body language or identify specific tells. Still, if you learn the art you can become a proficient player with a greater chance of success.


While blackjack may be primarily described as a game of chance, there is also some strategy and skill required to succeed over a prolonged period of time. This also provides greater prospects for success, especially in comparison with games of chance such as roulette. Corporeal casino visitors who are able to learn the delicate art of card-counting can also improve their odds of success by between 1 and 2%, although this is a difficult skill that is frowned upon by many places.


In real time casino play, craps is one the most popular games among experienced practitioners. This is because there are ways in which players can improve their odds of success, and specific strategies that have been designed to beat the house. One such technique, known simply as ‘Don’t Pass and Don’t Come’, requires you to lay double odds and improve your prospects by an estimated 0.59%. These may be small margins, but it is often these that make the difference between large scale wins and regular defeats.