WinMoreLotto Mega Combo syndicate offers 45 chances to win on every draw launched in 2014 bringing over 10 years experience running plays in the largest lotteries around the world. The website provides a safe and secure way to join lottery syndicates, massively increasing your chances to win the world's biggest jackpots like Megamillions, Powerball and Euromillions.

Players will appreciate the easy to use website and sign up incentives such as free entry to Megamillions and the chance of snagging a cool, new iPhone 6.

WinMoreLotto offers a great choice of lottery options with syndicates for huge jackpots in North America, Europe and Australia. A network of local agents buy the tickets on your behalf which are scanned to your online account and they are available to help you collect when your numbers come up whether its an instant transfer or a major claim.

There are no hidden fees, there's plain and simple guidance on every lottery page and you'll have 24/7 access to your online account where you can see confirmation of your ticket purchase and check results. Syndicate wins up to £600 are paid instantly into your account and a representative will get in touch to explain arrangements for claiming winnings above that amount.

Join EinMoreLotto and play Euromillions for 49p and get free entry to Megamillions plus the chance to win an iPhone 6

WinMoreLotto Offers and Promotions

WinMoreLotto offer a series of promotional offers you might like, play three games and get the fourth free plus refer a friend and you can enter the next draw free. The welcome offer varies from time to time, there's 10% discount available on all syndicates exclusive to new customers or the latest welcome offer of an iPhone 6 plus free entry to Megamillions when you sign up and play the Euromillions for only 0.49p.

Join WinmoreLotto and you never need miss a draw. Your subscription will automatically renew after one day and you can cancel anytime you wish by calling support to cancel your membership, providing 7 days notice.

WinMoreLotto syndicates massively increase your chances of winning the biggest lottery jackpots in the world

WinMoreLotto Syndicates

Members can purchase a share of lottery tickets for nine of the world's biggest jackpots, with syndicate entries in the USA Powerball, USA Megamillions, Euromillions, UK National Lottery, Oz Powerball, Oz Lotto, Irish Lotto and California Superlotto.

At WinmoreLotto you can play the Mega Combo syndicate which includes three of the biggest lotteries on the planet, USA Powerball, USA Megamillions and Euromillions. Starting with a guaranteed combined jackpot of $65 million the combo has the potential to rise to an amazing $1.3 billion. WinMoreLotto have combined the lotteries to give players 30 chances to win on five draws every week.

The cost of playing in a syndicate depends on the lottery, the amount of shares you decide to buy and how long you want to play for. 

WinMoreLotto makes it easy for you by filling out the minimum entry, leaving only your numbers to choose. The total cost is clearly displayed and will change in real time as you increase the number of shares you wish to purchase and number of draws you choose to enter.

WinMoreLotto Website

WinMoreLotto have made it really easy for lottery players to play for the biggest jackpots with one of the simplest and stylish ticket purchasing sites we've seen. Navigation, registration and log in couldn't be easier and the ticket purchasing method tells you everything you need to know in the most uncomplicated fashion.

Choose from the available lotteries, which you can find ordered by jackpot size, and you're presented with your entry form with three simple steps to play. Big + & - buttons allow you to select how many shares you want to purchase, choose the option of how many draws to enter and then select your numbers from the available tickets. The cost of your purchase is shown clearly and in its entirety, so when you are happy with your selections, click Play Now and complete the payment.

You'll find the latest results for all the lotteries you can play on WinMoreLotto and the prize break down for each. Log in to your account anytime to track your tickets and numbers and syndicate wins up to £600 will be paid instantly and directly into your account. WinMoreLotto operates with complete transparency and you'll see the actual scanned tickets in your account, not just a list of numbers and you'll have access to every lottery purchase you make.

There's also the option to be kept informed by email, communications are flexilible to suit you.

WinMoreLotto Payment Methods

Players are provided with a safe and secure checkout system with the latest encryption technology used to keep personal data out of harms way. Once you've selected your draws and numbers, you'll be directed to the checkout with a full break down of your plays so you always know exactly what you are spending.

There's a wide selection of payment options including MasterCard and Visa, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal, Skrill plus a host of other payment methods.

WinMoreLotto Customer Support

Everything you need to know is explained clearly and simply on the website with a comprehensive FAQ section dealing with the most common questions. There's an individual explanation of each lottery with details of draws, jackpot size, chances of winning and syndicate information. The whole process of syndicate play is nicely explained in the How It Works section but you can always get in touch with a real person if you prefer.

There's a standard rate telephone number provided to contact live support or you can use online chat from the website 24/7. Enquiries can also be made via the email form in the Contact Us section. is owned and operated by Eudoxus Limited who are registered in Limassol, Cyprus. It is an independant website and is not associated with any of the lotteries listed on the website. Tickets are purchased on members behalf by agents based in the country of the fully licensed lottery you want to play allowing anyone over the age of 18 to play for the biggest jackpots worldwide.  

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