Camelot Makes Major Changes to the UK Lottery

Published: 17:15 18/06/2015

Camelot makes Major Changes to the UK Lottery

You may have heard recently about the fact that soon there will be some major new changes to the UK lottery coming our way, but are they actually for the better?

Since the first Saturday night draw on 19 November 1994 we have all dreamed of winning that magical top prize and instantly becoming a millionaire. We have all dreamed about what we would do if you would be waking up one morning finding that our bank balance has just been boosted by a few million quid.

Over the years the National Lottery or Lotto as it is now known has seen some highs and lows and the latter certainly being in how much the overall top prize has dropped without it being a rollover. Changes in price from £1 to £2 and the lottery raffles that are included have not necessarily seen the increase in popularity that it once had. However still up to 78% of the adult population gamble each week on the chance to win the Jackpot.

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Now to try and increase the overall chances of winning on the lottery, these new further changes from October 2015 are being introduced. Instead of selecting 6 numbers to be drawn from a total of 49 there will now be 59 to choose from. So what does this do to your chances of winning?

Well taking the Camelot view, the chances of winning are better than they are now, certainly for a £1 million prize. These will improve from 1 in under 14 million to 1 in under 10 million. Don't you just feel more lucky already? Also, if you manage to have just 2 correct numbers on your ticket, you will now be able to claim a free lucky dip ticket for the next draw. At present there is no prize for just 2 numbers.

The changes according to Camelot will also bring with it at least 2 millionaires each week with the new look millionaire raffle plus twenty winners of £20,000 in each draw as well.

But what of the BIG one, the jackpot prize. Well this is the bad news. As to balance out all those other extra chances of winning, this means your chance of winning the jackpot will triple, going from 1 in under 14 million to 1 in under 45 million. This means you may need to triple the amount of tickets you buy to try to regain your chance of hitting it big.

So be prepared for some radical changes in October. What are your thoughts? Will you still be playing the UK Lotto?

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