Lotto Winners Extra Lucky To Claim Prize

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Published: 12:26 12/10/2014

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Whichever way you play it, you have to be lucky to win on lotto, but recently EuroMillions prizes have been landed in bizarre circumstances.

The next estimated jackpot for EuroMillions sits at a staggaring £111 Million after a triple rollover and you can increase your chances of winning, or reduce the cost of playing by utilising free lotto offers.

Even a small fraction of that gargantuan amount of cash would change most people's lives and cabbie Murray McKenzie was celebrating at the weekend after landing a cool £215,000 on the EuroMillions. The 63-year-old was meant to use significant family birth dates to choose his numbers, but accidentally added the number 13 to his picks instead of a 12, the date his son Thomas was actually born.

Having used the wrong numbers for years he felt no need to change them after discovering his error and he is now reaping the reward for that decision after a big lotto win.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I had the wrong date for my son’s birthday but with £215,228.30 now in the family coffers, I think he’s prepared to forgive me.” He joked when telling of his fortunate win. Murray and his wife Pat, 65, plan to remain in their current home and enjoy the peace of mind now that they have no more money worries.

If you think he was lucky, wait until you hear about James Wilson who found a winning lottery ticket in an old wallet. Having matched five numbers in a EuroMillions draw back in March, time was running out to claim his prize and he had only hours to get in touch with Camelot, who had been campaigning for the ticket holder to come forward for almost six months.

Luckily the 28-year-old warehouse worker managed to get in touch in the nick of time and was able to claim his £52,000 prize with just hours remaining before the ticket expired.

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