Lucky Dip Winners Still Buy Tickets

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Published: 12:28 03/11/2014

Despite winning £3.5 Million on the lottery after buying a lucky dip, George and Beryl Keates still buy lotto tickets every week.

The retired couple who enjoy looking for another big lotto win following their lucky day back in 2012 have spoken recently of how they have put some of their 6 figure windfall to good use, with looking after the family their top priority.

George, 79, said: "We gave £250,000 to each of our four sons, £10,000 to each of our nine grandchildren and gave some money to our sisters." They were also able to purchase a new home and pay off all of their debts thanks to their big win.

77-year-old Beryl has been able to afford to go and see an old school friend in Australia who was having health problems and the lucky winners plan to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary in style next year.

Mr and Mrs Keates still play the lottery to this day; "My wife still does the lottery, but we have never won anything since. Our advice to anyone who is lucky enough to win the lottery is to be sensible with it and it can last a lifetime."

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