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Lucky Lotto Winner Finds £2million Ticket In Truck

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Author: Tony MacDonald

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Published: 14:15 08/09/2014

A lucky lottery player has scooped the equivalent of £2million after finding a winning New York Lotto ticket while cleaning out his truck.

The 47-year-old Auto-Shop worker had bought the tickets for NY Lotto in July, but was in a hurry to get somewhere and left them in the back of his truck instead of putting them in his pocket. Nobody likes cleaning out their motor, but Jerry Ritieni will be glad he did after coming across around £15 worth of unchecked tickets. He dashed into his office to check the latest results and looked up the numbers online.

"I was going through my numbers one by one, circling each number that matched up, and I couldn't comprehend that I just hit the jackpot." said the Long Island resident. And his disbelief was echoed when he ran outside to tell his son who responded in typical teenage fashion with "Whatever."

The father of two still has some time to decide whether he will cash in his winnings as a lump-sum or opt for 26 annual payments, but his main priority having beaten the 1-in-47 million odds is the future of his two children.

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