Normality Resumes After Lottery Payout Anomoly

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Published: 15:28 18/08/2014

Lottery company Camelot will be relieved that Saturday's draw did not result in a repeat of Wednesday's prize fund fiasco, which had many lotto customers bewildered.

Camelot recently increased the minimum prize for three numbers when playing the National Lottery from £10 to £25, but the new structure was under scrutiny after winners matching four numbers received less than those matching only three. More than 16,000 people who selected four winning numbers on Wednesday August 13th received only £15, meaning they pocketed £10 less than those with one less winning number.
The cause of the anomoly was attributed to an unusual draw in which all of the numbers (11, 5, 23, 9, 30, 20) were below 31. According to Camelot this led to around 60 per cent more people matching three numbers because many choose calendar days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, all of which correspond to balls that are 31 or under.

In Saturday's draw the jackpot was not won, but 6 lucky players netted £56,495 for matching 5 numbers and the bonus ball while 184 people picked up £1,564 for matching 5 numbers. 12,550 lottery players will be pleased to receive £121 for matching four balls this week, while 248,922 picked up the minimum prize of £25.

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