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Published: 14:12 22/09/2014

Bet on your favourite lotto games with Bet365 lotteries

You can bet on almost anything happening with fixed odds lotto betting on bet365, available on some of the world's most popular lotteries.

The Stoke based firm which welcomes new players with up to £200 deposit bonus, provides a means to bet on numerous outcomes on various lottery games. Numbers 49s, Irish Lotto, the New York lottery and more are covered in detail with endless ways to bet from one of the world's largest internet betting sites.

No longer are you limited to picking a set amount of numbers or restricted to a set stake. Fixed odds lottery betting on bet365 brings a whole range of possibilities with the flexibility to bet as little or as much as you want.

Whatever your favourite or lucky number is, it's bound to form part of your standard lottery picks, right? And the chances are that it's popped up a few times over the years, but you didn't have any other numbers to go with it, so therefore didn't win any cash.

On bet365, you can bet on your lucky number or a combination of your favourite numbers coming out at quite reasonable odds. Playing lotto normally, you'd get nothing for correctly predicting a single number, whereas bet365 offer odds of 13/2 (11/2 including bonus ball) meaning you'll win money each time your chosen number comes out.

Matching three numbers nets you the minimum prize on the UK Lotto, which at the time of writing is £25. However, for a £1 stake on bet365 you could win £700 when not including the bonus ball in your picks or £440 with the bonus ball, just for getting three matching numbers.

You can make combination bets to cover more outcomes, bet on the first number drawn, whether it's odd or even and even bet on the colour of the bonus ball. You'll have endless fun placing fixed odds Lotto bets at bet365 and don't forget, new customers get up to £200 deposit bonus.

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