Sign From Above Lands Tesco Lottery Syndicate £3.7m

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Author: Graham Tower

Published: 16:40 23/07/2014

A syndicate of 15 Tesco workers thanked a messy seagull for their luck in winning £3.7 million on the lottery.

The night shift workers each picked up £245,996 when their syndicate scooped the jackpot thanks to some seagull droppings. Syndicate leader Jackie Beresford had been told her luck would change by a psychic following the death of her husband and changed her routine after a ‘sign’ from above.

Jackie explained: "My daughter was at a Christening when a seagull left its mark, so to speak.

"In my book that's a sign of good luck to come and I suggested she bought the syndicate tickets - and it came true.

“The psychic told me my husband had one regret, that he had not left me in a better financial situation - but that he had a plan.

"I just know he's shining down on me and looking after me and this was his way of doing it.”

The group went public yesterday when nine women from the syndicate cracked open a bottle of champagne for cameras in Plymouth. They play 15 lines on UK Lotto every Saturday and it was syndicate member Clare O’Carroll who picked the winning numbers – 5,9,14,25,34 and 38.

The winning lottery ticket was bought from the local corner shop although many players now buy their lottery tickets online.

It’s a life changing sum for each of the group but they plan to continue working at the Tesco store in Roborough on the outskirts of the city, although they will cut down on night shifts.

Jackie said: "Most of us just haven't had the time to think about what we're going to spend the money on.

"But I know what I will be doing first and that's paying off my mortgage so I'll have no more worries on that front. "One thing is for certain, by the end of this week my house will be my own.

"We've decided we will all cut back on shifts but none of us will stop working"

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