Winning Lottery Ticket The Perfect Birthday Gift

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Published: 12:41 27/10/2014

US teenager wins Lotto on her birthday

A lucky teenager has scooped an estimated 2 and a half million pounds from a lottery ticket she recived inside a birthday card.

Deisi Ocampo's father bought her two scratchcards and slipped them inside a card for her 19th birthday. The Chicago student who won $4 million (apporximately £2.49 million) described it as "The best birthday present ever."

After collecting her cheque from a local petrol station she spoke of her plans for the cash "I'm going to buy a new house for my family and pursue my dream of completing my degree and becoming a nurse.”

Hopefully Miss Ocampo can indeed keep her feet on the ground unlike some famous teenage lotto winners. 19-year-old bin man Michael Carroll won £10 million in 2002, but is now reportedly working in a biscuit facory in Scotland after wasting his winnings on poor investments, properties, partying, jewellery and gifts to family members.

Britain’s youngest lottery winner, 16-year-old Callie Rogers has also squandered her fortune. Having won £1.9 million, she is said to have spent the majority of her winnings on cosmetic surgery and a lavish party lifestyle.

Just last year an 18-year-old British teenager scooped £22 million on the EuroMillions lottery game, however he has wisely chosen to remain anonymous.

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