How Slots Work: Understanding Random Number Generators

Published: 10:01 08/05/2015

How Slots Work: Understanding Random Number Generators 

There is no doubt about it, slot machine gaming represents huge business in 2015. This type of gaming has had to overcome several obstacles to achieve its recent success, most notably the accusation that it is a game of chance loaded heavily in favour of independent operators. This is a serious misconception, as in fact slot gaming requires a keen sense of patience and determinism while it is also one of the fairest gaming vehicles in the world. Online slots are extremely well regulated and fairly overseen, enabling players’ equal opportunity to win and claim major cash prizes.

The key to creating a fair and equal slot machine gaming experience starts with the generation of results, as number sequences and combinations are key to determining pay-outs. Online operators achieve this through the use of random numbers generators (RNG’s), which are essentially programmed algorithms that generate arbitrary results that are entirely unpredictable. This is the same programming technique that is used is deal random hands in poker and blackjack, while it also generates entirely arbitrary number sequences in the game of roulette.


This completely destroys the myth about fixed or loaded offline slot machines, which were played frequently in pubs and gaming arcades around the country. Technological advancement and the stringent enforcement of regulations has instead created an online slot gaming platform that is fair and unbiased, which in turn offers peace of mind to players and enables operators to generate as much income as possible. 
While RNG’s may help to create fair and random results, some use this fact to argue that online slots are little more than games of chance. After all, if the combinations generated by a slot machine are entirely random, then surely there is no way for players to apply strategy or skill to further their chances of achieving a positive outcome?

This is not strictly true either, however, as players can choose games and rules that incrementally improve their probability of winning. By selecting certified slot machines with a pay-out rate of between 98% and 100%, for example, you can reclaim as much of your wagering capital as possible over the course of a game. If you have good hand-eye coordination, you can even choose games with ‘skill stops’ and exert an influence over where each reel stops.

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