The Key Slot Gaming Terms that Online Players need to Know

Published: 16:53 12/06/2015

The Key Slot Gaming Terms that Online Players need to Know 

Slot gaming may well be the single fastest-growing element of online casino gameplay in 2015, thanks to an explosion of innovative bonus features and creative, theme-inspired titles. Unless you are familiar with this market sector or have played offline slot machines extensively, however, you may find it difficult to adapt to the rapid and frenetic pace of virtual gaming. You will also need to be aware of the prevailing slot machine terminology, as this will impact on the overall gaming experience that you enjoy.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most important slot gaming terms that you are likely to come across in 2015: 

RTP (Return to Player)

Let’s start with a fairly self-explanatory term, as RTP (Return to Player) refers to the percentage of investment that you can achieve. If you were to play Paddy Power’s exclusive ‘Gold’ slot game, for example, you would access an RTP of 94.19%. This means that for every single dollar that you invest, you will win approximately 94 cents back. This is known as the prevailing house edge, and it is one that varies according to each game. Interestingly, there are some certified slots that offer a guaranteed RTP in excess of 98%.

Pay Lines

The term ‘Pay lines’ refers to the lines along which your winning symbol combinations need to appear if you are to achieve a return. While traditional fruit machines used to include one or very few pay lines, online variations can feature as many as the operator sees fit.


The typical online slot has between 20 and 50 pay lines, for example, which mean that it offers additional chances for players to win jackpots, trigger bonus rounds or at least achieve minimal pay-outs. This is particularly appealing to recreational players who do not wish to lose huge amounts of money.

A Progressive Jackpot

Some online slot machines are part of a wider network, which means that accumulate a shared jackpot that builds incrementally with every spin. These are referred to as progressive jackpots, and they can grow to a significant amount if they are unclaimed over a prolonged period of time. Although you may be required to invest more in search of an RTP, progressive jackpots are often huge and can even grow to life-changing amounts.

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