Stunning slow-motion surfing

Tags: Football

Published: 09:04 10/12/2009

Vintage Liverpool v Arsenal ties, Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar and HD surfing all feature in this week's round-up 1) If full-courting with a basketball isn't enough, LeBron James shows how it's done with an American football. 2) Fluminense grabbed a point away at Coritiba at the weekend, securing their survival and condeming their hosts to relegation. And this being South America, it kicks off big style. 3) At a time when certain global sporting superstars have done little to endear themselves to the world at large, here's Roger Federer doing the opposite. 4) Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela, fine. But Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar? 5) Liverpool face Arsenal at Anfield on Sunday, a fixture that last season was something rather remarkable (a spectacle possibly improved by excitable Russian commentary). There's also, of course, the Big One from 1989, and, as a change of pace, we've dug out this little gem – the 1950 FA Cup final. Our favourites from last week's blog1) Lego + a camera + an inventive Frenchman = something rather wonderful. 2) Apparently this is a dig a Juventus. A bizarre epic Robert-Miles-Does-Europop technicolour dig at Juventus. 3) American football can be a stop-start sport, but we're sure it's supposed to involve at least some movement. 4) HD surfing doesn't sound up to much, but this is quite remarkable 5) Galatasaray v Fenerbahçe - when you need a police escort to take a corner Spotters' badges fraggle76, DogManStar, burberryturban, PTBL, colesy86. Copyright © 2009 Guardian News & Media Limited 2009