F1 2010: The Car is the Star

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Published: 13:03 10/03/2010

With four world champions on the grid and the greatest ever Formula 1 driver making a return to the sport it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the tools they will be using for 2010, so this is a quick rundown of what car has what, who has made the most radical developments? who have not done much? And most importantly who will be on pole? And who will be at the back? In order of last year’s championship thus, this year’s ranking: So first its Brawn GP (now Mercedes GP) with their entry called the MGP W01, who introduce the new pyramid-shaped roll structure which acts as an air filter within the airbox, separating and accelerating the incoming airflow. This is basically the air funnel that sits above the drivers head. What Mercedes have done is put a vertical carbon fibre support in the middle creating two pyramid shaped vents. Let’s not forget that the Mercedes is the championship winning Brawn car, and the most reliable, so it will only be little developments that will keep this car on top. Red Bull introduce the RB6, which has a slightly higher placed gear box to allow for more room for their double diffuser, more room for the diffuser means better performance, simple. McLaren have introduced new front and rear wings for the MP4-25, with causing a bit of controversy on the rear wing with some teams calling it illegal. The main focus is getting rid of the air from the exhaust as efficiently as possible. Ferrari’s most important development is to set the angle of the engine at 3.5 degrees. Again with Red Bull this is to allow more room for that diffuser, which in 2009 proved to be a vital tool for the top teams. Which car will win at the weekend in Bahrain? The bookmakers say Ferrari at best odds of 13/8 with 888sport followed by McLaren with third going to Red Bull best priced 7/2 with Boylesports , correct at time of writing and subject to change.

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