Dancing on Ice: Latest Odds and Latest Put-Downs from Jason Gardiner

Published: 14:37 26/03/2010

While the final just days away Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner has landed himself in more hot water over his comments. Angry finalists Gary Lucy and Kieron Richardson have said that they don't want to see Gardiner after the final. The outspoken judge told the Sun's TV Biz that he thought the pair were "pillocks" and backed fellow finalist Hayley Tamaddon as a dead cert to win. However, Lucy and Richardson have hit back at Gardiner telling the Sun that they will be happy when he is out of their lives for good. Hollyoaks actor Kieron, told the paper that: "Calling us pillocks isn't really the best thing to hear when you are going into the final. But he's just one person who means nothing to me. I'm never going to see him again after Sunday. "It's his opinion but I think some things about him and I just don't want to say them." While Bill actor Gary Lucy has said that Gardiner's put downs have reduced his four year old daughter India to tears He said: "It's difficult to explain to your little 'un when she's crying her eyes out why that man's being so mean to her daddy. "I've got broad shoulders and can take the criticism and personal jibes but when your kid is affected it's hard." Speaking about the "pillock" remark If this was a court of law, he'd be struck off, put it that way. Judges should be impartial. "Once the show is over, I certainly won't miss him not being in my life." It has also been revealed that Sunday's finalists will be wearing jewelled underwear with the boys being given uncomfortable thongs to wear. And if he wins Kieron Richardson has even promised to whip off his trousers to show off the thong. However, the bookies predict that we won't get to see Richardson's underwear as they have Hayley Tamaddon as the clear favourite to win. Bluesq currently have her priced at 1/5 that she'll skate off as the winner. Meanwhile, Bet365 have Gary Lucy at 17/2 and Victor Chandler have odds of 10/1 that it will be Kieron Richardson who wins. All odds correct at time of writing and are subject to change

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