Friday: Count Down to British Grand Prix – Red Bull and McLaren Square Up to Fight

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Published: 11:57 09/07/2010

Practice One begins at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix and it looks as if the real fight will be between McLaren and Red Bull as both teams play mind games with each other. Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal is doing his best to stir up trouble between the McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. He insists that the camaraderie between these two is merely wallpaper through which the cracks are beginning to show and that it will not be long before they are at each other’s throats. Of course everybody knows that he is simply attempting to wind them up, but if Horner is anything he is an excellent wind up merchant – for an example just see how he deals with Eddie Jordon the BBC F1 commentator. Mark Webber the Red Bull driver is joining in the game too. He said that the relationship between Hamilton and Button was all smoke and mirrors adding that he expected that the pair of them would fight on the circuit and crash. The McLaren pair has refused to rise to the bait. Jenson remains confident that he can win the championship and that he said that he remained confident in his own ability. McLaren have provided their drivers with excellent and potentially championship winning cars and neither driver is favoured by the team. Nonetheless, there have been some signs of ruffled feathers, particularly when Jenson overtook Lewis after Lewis had been told to reduce his fuel consumption. Lewis regained his place and the incident was put down to a misunderstanding. The British Grand Prix is a race that the McLaren team and both its drivers desperately want to win. The team principal Martin Whitmarsh said that Silverstone was the litmus paper of the championship and who can predict what might happen if Jenson and Lewis are competing for a win in its final stages? It could turn out to be a very exciting race. Lewis Hamilton is second favourite to win at the weekend, with odds of 7/2 at Sportingbet

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