Felipe Massa: I am not Ferrari's second-fiddle

Tags: Sports

Published: 14:05 30/07/2010

After the drama sparked by Formula One team Ferrari's actions over last weekend's Grand Prix at Hockhiem, many pundits and spectators alike have started to lose faith in the integrity of the sport, this has led Ferrari's Felipe Massa to leap to his defence, insisting that he is not a pawn to be used in Fernando Alonso's racing game. The controversy was initiated after Massa was given a barely concealed message from his pit-team that Alonso driving fastest of the two, a signal to slow down. And sure enough, only two laps later, Massa allowed his Ferrari team-mate to overtake him. This led to a backlash of criticism for Ferrari from the racing world and a $100,000 fine. The criticism comes chiefly from rivals Red Bull and McLaren, with Christian Horner and Jenson Button being among those to voice their concerns. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has also had a sly dig at the situation by telling press how his team does not run on orders given from the pit. Ferrari have defended the actions claiming that it was a “driver decision”, with Ferrari's president labelling the fallout as hypocritical, saying that it has always happened in the sport. However, Massa has stated that he is not Ferrari's number two, saying: "When I say I am a number two driver, I will not race any more. "I've spoken to everyone inside the [Ferrari] team - and I'm not just here to race, I'm here to win." “The only important thing for us is the car is competitive and we can do well here in Hungary as well. We respect other people's opinions, but we concentrate on our own job.” Fernando Alonso is among the favourites to win this year’s drivers' championship with, Sky Bet and Victor Chandler and EuroSport offering 10/3 and 11/4 odds of success respectively.

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