Paddy Power Flies Above Bookmakers On Twitter

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Author: Graham Tower

Published: 08:00 03/11/2014

Twitter has proven to be a primary means for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and online bookmakers have grasped Social media with varying degrees of success.

There is no hiding from Social media and we’re surrounded by stories on TV and radio about the ills, the benefits and how powerful Twitter can be for shaping opinion and getting to know what is happening in the wider world, as soon as it happens.

Bookmakers were one of the first to recognise the business potential of the internet and have been towards the fore in website development. Once legislation in the UK relaxed to allow gambling to be advertised on TV, we saw household names like Ray Winston and world famous sportsmen like Shane Warne endorsing products from go-ahead bookmakers and gaming companies.

It comes as no surprise to see bookmakers embracing the world of Social media and Twitter in particular. Paddy Power likes nothing more than whipping up a storm to get the brand name ‘out there’ (remember the rain forest brouhaha leading up to the World Cup in Brazil) and Ireland’s biggest bookie has taken to Twitter like a duck to water.

We looked at the Twitter activity of the top 15 bookmakers on and the media-savvy boys and girls from Dublin have shown they know how to engage with the online generation, leading the way in the bookmaking sector for number of Twitter followers. The table below shows how they rank for volume of followers and the amount of activity in the number of tweets. Bookmaker Twitter table shows Paddy Power ahead of the pack on Social media engagement

The table is interesting in two ways. It was a surprise to see such a difference between the highest and lowest number of followers as all the firms listed are big players in the online betting industry. And, how the number of tweets doesn’t correlate with the number of followers which gives a good indication of which companies are more in touch with what people want from Twitter.

Paddy Power has nearly half a million followers and has posted 94,300 tweets while William Hill has been busier on Twitter with 95,100 tweets but only has 117,000 followers. A glance further down the table shows BetVictor has 58,700 followers and has tweeted 92,600 mesages. Clearly, the way to win friends and influence people on Twitter relies on more than simply broadcasting messages to the masses but finding a way to engage with people, encouraging re-tweets and favouriting stories.

The companies at the top of the table have been around for years and are household names in their own right in the UK and Ireland. Further down the table, 10Bet, Winner and Titanbet are relatively new to sports betting and may be able to learn a trick or two from rivals who have successfully adopted Social media and are reaping the benefits from having a large Twitter following.

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