2015 Grand National: Get A Run For Your Money With Vernons

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Author: Tony MacDonald

Published: 11:12 15/03/2015

Use Vernons Sportsbook to back your Grand National selections and gain the protection of a free bet refund should your horse fall before reaching the seventh fence at Aintree.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be sat watching the remainder of the world's most famous steeple chase with your friends and family when your horse has blundered early doors and left you empty handed. But the latest money back special from Vernons will at least offer some consolation, with a free bet refund of up to £50 if your horse falls before the seventh fence on Saturday April 11th.

Fence 1

Standing at 4' 6" tall, the first fence at Aintree is often met at great speed in the Grand National as the jockeys attempt to gain a good position. This can lead to several first fence fallers, the highest being 12 runners in 1951, though the drop on the landing side was reduced after the 2011 Grand National, making it slightly easier for the horses these days. Still, Twirling Magnet came to grief here last year.

Fence 2

An inch higher than the first, fence 2 tends not to pose too many problems as the pack begins to sort itself out and the runners and riders start to find their rhythm. Burton Port was reasonably well fancied for the 2014 Grand National, but blundered at the second to unseat jockey Brian Harding.

Fence 3

At 4' 10" tall, this open ditch is the first big test in the race as horses are still adapting to the obstacles and quite often catches a few horses out. Big Shu fell here last year after being hampered by a loose horse on the approach.

Fence 4

Another 4' 10" tall obstacle to really test the runners and riders, most notably in 2011 when the fence was bypassed on the second circuit following a fatal fall by one of the horses.

Fence 5

The height oif a small person at 5' tall, this plain obstacle precedes the most famous fence on the course. It was bypassed on the second circuit for the first time in 2012 so that medics could treat a jockey who fell from his mount on the first circuit and had broken a leg.

Fence 6

The infamous Becher's Brook is 5' high on the take-off side, but between 6" and 10" lower on the landing side and the drop often catches runners by surprise. It takes its name from Captain Martin Becher who fell there in the first Grand National and took shelter in the small brook running along the landing side of the fence while the remainder of the field thundered over.

If your horse makes it this far, then you'll still be in with a chance of a winning bet. However, should your horse fall before the seventh fence, at least Vernons will give you a free bet refund to get another shot at winning.

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