Toddler Costs Dad £50,000 On Bet365 Cash Out

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Author: Graham Tower

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Published: 12:42 09/05/2015

If there’s ever a cautionary tale to keep your kids away from your smartphone then it’s the story of Gary Walter who lost £49,435.34 when son Archie accidently cashed out a £10 football accumulator.  24-year-old Gary had just placed his 13-team acca on the bet365 mobile app when the toddler picked up the phone and pressed the yellow cash out button.

We’ll let Gary explain the details as he told them to Keiligh Baker for MailOnline:

'I left him in the back seat next to my phone briefly and when I picked up my phone again and got in the front seat it said I had cashed in on £6.99.

'I was like "what the hell's happened", and then I realised.

'Archie didn't understand he had done anything wrong, he's only three. I didn't say anything until my missus got in the car.

'Archie just loves the yellow button on the app and even since then he has been trying to tap it. He just sees the yellow button and goes for it.

'I watched a couple more of the results come in and at that stage it was already so gutting because it would have been about £500.

'It just got worse and worse as result after result came in.

'I had Arsenal down to win so knowing I didn't have the bet, I was kind of praying for Hull to get a result.

'It was three nil Arsenal at half time so I just turned the TV off. I was too stunned for words.

'After it all happened I said to Archie "you're not going to university", but I was joking obviously.

'There's no point telling him off, he's too young to understand. I've got another accumulator on this weekend so we'll see what happens.

'I won £7,000 on an accumulator once but £50,000 would have been life changing.'

'This would have paid for our wedding and a deposit on a house.'

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What Is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a relatively new feature of sports betting which has quickly been adopted by online bookmakers. It is available for many sports betting markets and offers punters the option to accept a pay out before the final result.

It essentially puts the power in your hands in that you can lock in a profit or cut your losses during a match, or a selection of matches in an accumulator. No longer do you have to wait until the match is finished or all games have been played to take your winnings. You'll be given a 'Cash Out' price in real-time to give you the value of your In-Play bets and it's up to you whether you want to cut and run or stick it out until the final whistle.

Where accumulators are concerned, some of your selections may not be winning, yet the cash out value may still represent a profit. In other cases, you may be waiting for just one result and can opt to cash out early for a guaranteed return, rather than leaving it to chance.

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