Punters Vote For iPhone Over Android For Mobile Betting

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Author: Graham Tower

Published: 12:50 16/05/2015

Mobile betting is on the increase with innovations like in-play betting, bet and watch and cash out with punters preferring iOS over Android for ease of use on gambling websites according to a recent study.

The Android versus iPhone debate is never ending but research from digital analysts Global Reviews in the first quarter of this year shows iOS provides punters with the easiest betting experience and had the highest task completion rate in a recent study.

The majority of online betting sites now have Android and iPhone apps, or have at least optimised their mobile site for the different platforms. The ban on gambling apps in Google's Play store means bookmakers have focused more on making their products available in Apple's app store but most firms provide broadly similar services and features, regardless of OS.

In the latest Mobile Sales Effectiveness study, Global Reviews looked at how effective the mobile sites of the UK's major sportsbook operators were at converting and convincing punters to place a bet with them, and found some interesting differences in the way Android and iPhone users react.

Global Reviews measured a "customer effort score" (CES) for the two operating systems by asking punters to rate the level of effort needed to move and navigate through a particular sports betting provider's Android and iPhone mobile sites. The researchers found that iPhone users considered the betting experience easier than Android users.

They also found that when given five simple tasks on mobile betting sites, the success rate on iPhone was a full 6% higher than on Android devices.

Android users make up more of the mobile betting market than iPhone users

What The Research Says About iPhone Users

Gerard Farrell, one of the authors of the Global Reviews research, said. "What's become clear from the research is that there is a huge variance going on in terms of people's experiences across the different providers.

"We are getting a trend in the correlation where iPhone is coming out as having a better experience. Now the hypothesis is that it's actually down to a different type of target audience, and ultimately they're easier to please with iPhone than they are with Android," he added.

The Difference Between iPhone and Android Users

The study shows there's a difference between iPhone and Android users and suggests bookmakers could adapt their mobile marketing strategies as a result.

iPhone users make up just 31% of the UK smartphone market and the average household income of an iPhone user is £13,000 more than an Android user.

"There is a difference between the target audience with Android and iPhone. More can be done in terms of the value proposition, and whether you want to actually build your value proposition on whether you're targeting Android or iPhone," Farrell said.

Bookmakers can now begin to understand what the choice of smartphone says about their customers and adapt their approach accordingly. With Android's greater penetration it may be more suitable for brand building and social gaming while iPhone users could be better targets if the priority is to monetise acquisitions.

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