Arsenal Top Premier League Table Of Twitter Followers

Arsenal lead the way among top flight clubs when it comes to engaging with supporters via social media according to the Premier League table of twitter followers

Arsenal top the Premier League table of twitter followers giving fans insights to players like Aaron Ramsey

Social Media has become the primary means for football fans to stay in touch with the very latest happenings at their club from transfer news to live match commentary and Arsenal lead the way among the Premier League elite.

At the end of September 2014 Premier League clubs had an aggregate of over 22 million twitter followers and the North London club’s official twitter account sat top of the table with over 4.5 million followers. Rivals Chelsea were next best in the followers table with around 4.4 million followers ahead of Manchester United with 3.2 million.

Go-ahead football clubs have been quick to seize on the marketing potential of social media and are happy to provide their fans with insights into the lifestyle and daily routine of players along with teams news and player quotes. All 20 2014/15 Premier League clubs have official twitter accounts providing news and information to fervent fans.

For the clubs’ part, twitter is a gateway to engage with fans at home and abroad and the community provides a valuable source of market research where they can test products, analyse sentiment and crowd source new opportunities. Twitter is always switched on and active, and it takes a great deal of investment and commitment for clubs to make the social channel a success. The benefits are more traffic to websites, extra merchandise revenue and a better relationship between the club and its supporters.

Premier League Table Of Twitter Followers

Arsenal            4,526,302
Chelsea           4,432,188
Man Utd           3,471,896
Liverpool         3,243,501
Man City          2,028,128
Tottenham           925,207
Everton               442,978
Newcastle Utd     436,816
West Ham           337,264
Aston Villa           324,229
Sunderland         271,988
Southampton      271,281
Swansea City      268,326
Stoke City           230,972
QPR                    212,361
West Brom          170,632
Crystal Palace    137,473
Hull City              128,781
Leicester               98,085
Burnley                  56,674
(number of followers of official club accounts at 29 September 2014)