Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 3 rumoured for end of year

Multiple sources are suggesting that The Notorious One will finally end his drawn out trilogy series with Nate Diaz, with the third and likely final fight between the two men being targeted for UFC 219 on December 30th.

The bout, which is almost certainly the biggest fight that the UFC could book right now, would take place in Las Vegas and would finally give us a definitive winner between the two men who have thus far shared one victory each.

Diaz won the first encounter back at UFC 196 when he choked out the Irishman, before Conor levelled things up at UFC 202 with a decision win. Since that night fans have been clamouring to see them square off one last time, and it seems as if we may get our wish.

Of course not everyone is going to be happy about this, given that Conor is a two-weight world champion and has yet to defend either of his belts, but from a business perspective this really is the most logical move.

If Conor comes out on top, which would seem likely, then the next move for the company would probably see him defend his Lightweight crown against the winner of the upcoming Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee showdown.

Then again a rematch against now-champion Max Holloway is also quite appealing, although the idea of Conor having to cut that much weight won’t be something that fans will actively want to see.

Whatever the case may be these rumours, which have been questioned by the likes of Ariel Helwani, have certainly gotten people talking about McGregor once again which was always the aim.

Dana White knows that this has been a poor year for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in many respects, and capping it off with something that will get people talking heading into 2018 is the best move imaginable right now. Sure it could backfire if Diaz comes out on top, but Conor has never been one to shy away from a defeat and you just know that he’d come back stronger.


For now, all we can do it sit and wait with baited breath as the latest chapter in the McGregor-Diaz story unfolds.