Demetrious Johnson has yet to be paid for UFC 215

“I have not been paid yet. The UFC and First Round management are working close on that. They are trying to rebook this fight as soon as possible” Johnson said. “Usually if it is a quick turnaround they say that they do not pay the athlete. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be going to deposit a check right now, but that’s up to the UFC and First Round Management.”

Johnson also landed himself in hot water when turning down a potential dream match against TJ Dillashaw, instead opting to fight the aforementioned Ray Borg. Whilst many fans feel as if DJ was running away from the challenge of battling Dillashaw, others believe that he’ll end up taking a fight of that nature should he pick up the win in the re-schedule Borg bout.

Either way the financial issue at hand it’s going to go away any time soon, and it’s something that has been a problem for a few other fighters as of late. Sergio Pettis, Tony Ferguson and Valentina Shevchenko have all been caught in the same kind of situation, although it hasn’t been publicly revealed as to how things were eventually dealt with.

Johnson is clearly determined to fight, which is hardly surprising given that he’ll break the record for consecutive UFC title defences if he defeats Borg. The current rumour circulating amongst MMA media is that the company are attempting to re-schedule the contest for UFC 216, which also features the highly anticipated fight between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson.

Mighty Mouse has had a series of well documented problems with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as of late, with the only 125-pound champion in company history believing that he hasn’t been promoted as well as a guy of his stature should’ve been.

Whatever the case may be it seems as if controversy is following DJ around like a bad smell as of late, and we as fans are eager to see him return to the octagon in order to see him do what he does best.