Exclusive Interview: Speaks with John Fury - 14th April, 2022

So, a dominant performance for Tyson against Wilder, is Dillian Whyte a step up or a step down from that?

JF: It’s just a boxing match innit. Depends how they perform on the night. I expect to see the best Dillian Whyte because I know we’re getting the best Tyson Fury. You know, we’ve not overlooked him. A lot of people think we will have done but we ain’t. 

We took this probably more seriously than any other bout he’s had. You know, and we’re here all together, it’s been a great camp, it’s been a happy camp. There’s been no mistakes anywhere, I’m more than happy. But you know what there’s levels to this game and Tyson will prove that on the 23rd April.

Yeah, and I’m sure you’ve got a lot to say about Dillian Whyte’s behaviour and the silence in the build up to this camp. What have you made of his antics so far?

JF: Well, Dillian Whyte is not a bad guy himself, you know cos we knew him from the past, but he’s been ill-advised. There’s a lot of cowboys leading his show and a lot don’t know what they’re talking about. And Frank Warren proved that when they had this meeting on Talksport and Frank put a few questions to him and as a lawyer he was stumbling on every block wasn’t he. 

That’s going to play a big part in the future you’ll see. Because it’s your duty when you’re engaged in something as big as this, you know you’ve got obligations haven’t you, you’ve got to fulfil them. There’s no way out of them no matter if you might think you’re being cool, you might think you’re doing a great thing but there’s no way out of these things, you’re obligated. That’s in the contract. If you breach them woe betide you later on.

Do you sympathise with Whyte at all? I mean, he’s obviously a bit miffed that he’s not getting as much money as Tyson. He thinks maybe he’s worth a bit more. Is there anything from his side that you sympathise with or no?

JF: Are you joking me? He’s getting eight million quid. (laughs) You must be having a giraffe you. Who gets eight million pound who’s never really fought anybody. Y’know Tyson’s a superstar, a giant in the boxing world, he’s lucky to be sharing a ring with him. At the end of the day, it’s just an obligation, again going back to obligations, what Tyson’s got to fulfil. No more no less. There’s a lot of people who would take his position for hell of a lot less than eight million quid. 

At the end of the day it’s a lot of money, forget what Tyson’s being paid, Tyson’s a multi superstar worldwide. There’s a lot of people who don’t get to see eight million or a million either. No, I don’t feel sorry for him. He should be overjoyed and privileged that he’s getting that kind of money and getting a shot at this title but listen good luck to the kid, they’ve sanctioned him at the number one spot so he gets his chance. He deserves his chance, he’s been waiting around a long time, Tyson’s gonna give him his chance and that’s part of the game, being fair.

And will these antics that Dillian Whyte is playing, will that play on Tyson’s mind at all? Is there any complacency there, why he’s not there to respond to his taunts?

JF: Absolutely not. We’ll taunt each other, we don’t need Dillian Whyte. We can do it to each other can’t we. Listen, that’s all by and by, we’re professionals here, Tyson’s a vet at this game you know, that stuff won’t phase us at all. 

There’s nothing in boxing I ain’t seen and I’m 57 years old next month. I’ve seen it all and whatever they think they can try and bring, they’re wasting their time with us. We’re just laughing at them.

And Whyte claims that he put your son down in sparring?

JF: Rubbish! Absolute rubbish. He knows that and Tyson knows it. Rubbish. You know, Tyson could get out of bed full of flu and beat Dillian Whyte. They’ve got to say something to make themselves relevant haven’t they, it’s all propaganda or rubbish. Tyson has never been put down in sparring or shook in his life. Never even been shook in sparring, never mind put down. It’s rubbish.

Were you there when they sparred? 

JF: No, but all my sons were. If that would have happened I would know about it and it didn’t happen. Because if it did happen I’d say it happened, you know, it’s only a sparring session. Sparring is sparring. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna get dropped in a fight. Lots of people get dropped in sparring but he never dropped Tyson. There’s not a man out there who can say they’ve dropped Tyson in sparring, never mind him.

Why do you think Whyte’s saying that, do you just think he’s trying to get in his head?

JF: He’s just trying to justify his position isn’t he. He’s got to say something hasn’t he because he’s coming to this fight with absolutely nothing at all. He’s got as much chance of winning 40 million dollars on the lottery on Saturday than beating Tyson and he’s got to say something because, in my book, he’s just not at that level. And there’s levels to this game and you’re gonna see that on the 23rd. He’s not at Tyson’s level at all and anybody who thinks he is is dafter than him you know so that’s all I’m going to say about it.

The other day I interviewed your son Tommy, which was great, and he told me he’s never seen Tyson train as hard. How is Tyson looking in the gym in your opinion and what kind of performance can we expect on April 23rd?

JF: Tyson’s looking absolutely brilliant in the gym. Brilliant, probably the best I’ve seen him. His shape’s good, he’s worked hard on his physical condition and he’s trained with brains. He’s trained for a smart fight and you know something: to beat Tyson you’ve got to be Ironside in that ring and I don’t think Dillian Whyte’s Ironside no disrespect in that department. 

You’ve got to have so many boxes ticked to even come close to beating my son. He’s a genius at his game. He can not only fight, he’s a genius in his brain. He’s so intelligent in the ring at work. Those others can’t use their brains when they’re in the ring like he can. They think they can but they can’t. At the end of the day, he’s so intelligent, he’s so big, he’s so strong, he’s so positive and he’s got a will to win like you’ve ever seen before in a human being so how do you beat that? How do you beat it? You can’t. Simple as that.

And I’m hearing a lot of rumours that Tyson could actually retire after this fight, which is surprising as he’s on such a high. Is there any truth to that?

JF: Probably camp talk but it’s been a long camp hasn’t it. A long, boring camp. It’s tedious. Tyson will be boxing while he’s fifty. He’s got nothing else to do in his life. What’s he going to do after boxing? Pick the kids up from school, have a coffee and read the paper, empty the dustbins, talk shite on the beach? Come on will you. He’ll keep going until he’s fifty. 

This boxing is a bigger drug than cocaine and heroin put together. I was only a hobby professional and I’m still hitting the back and training now, years later. It’s an addiction you can’t get out of it and your body still thinks it can do impossibilities even when you’re old. So listen, he’ll spend a month at home, get bored stiff and be back in the gym. That’s my take on Tyson. But if I had my way he would retire. I told him, I said make it your last fight but Tyson I know him, he’s too involved in this job and he can’t live without it.

And is Tyson’s ultimate dream to become undisputed and cement his legacy in that way?

JF: Well he’s undisputed now and he’s beat everybody in his path. Who’s going to beat him, a blown-up cruiserweight who lost 22 pounds, he’s got no help to keep the weight on let’s say.

To take all the belts I mean

JF: What? He’s got all the belts. He took them all off Klitschko and he has won the WBC. Let me tell you pal, there’s not one belt that Tyson hasn’t won so these people here they’re just add-ons aren’t they. They’re cling-ons that get brushed off like that lot, off your shoulders like dust off your coat. And no relevance to what he’s done already, he’s achieved everything in boxing. 

He’ll carry on doing this cos he likes it. He loves it, the game. And he likes tormenting people and he likes people thinking he’s not as good as he is. He loves it all and he likes playing with the minds of people, unintelligent people that think people of lesser ability have got a chance against but that’s what makes him go. That’s why he’s in the sport, not for the money. He’s got plenty of that. Plenty of achievements, plenty of money, he just likes playing with people’s heads.

And there’s other rumours that you were going to be on the undercard of this fight. Any truth to that?

JF: They won’t pay me will they. They won’t come and ring my phone and let’s put it this way, they need to hurry up because I’m getting on in years. It’s now or never. 

I will fight any man in the world for the right amount of money. Bums and dossers need not apply because we get them every day. I want significant people, you know, because I’m a significant man myself being the father now of the heavyweight champion of the world, I must be something and I’m telling you now I’ll give them a run for their money and the crowd will enjoy what I’ve got because I’ll bring everything. 

But if you want to do an exhibition people, don’t ring John Fury because, you batter me cos I’m going to try to batter you. But I’m still waiting… Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, all of them, you know Riddick Bowe’s, George Fore… I’ll fight anybody but it’s going to cost them a bit.

So that’s something you’re interested in the future?

JF: Yeah, I’d do it tomorrow. I’m training every day. I run 25 miles a week on the road. I’m training every day, I want to put it to some use. It’d be a thrill to get back in there again. I haven’t been in the ring since 1995 but I’m sure I can hold my own still with people my own age. 

And I’ll fight a young man as well. If you, a young man, want to pay me right enough, I’ll get in with them. I’d like to start with Jake Paul because I could make him look stupid, Jake Paul, you know what I’m saying, so if he doesn’t want to fight my son I’ll fight him and I’ll fight his father too. He’s had plenty to say as well hasn’t he. Up close and personal is different, I’ll tell you what they do, they make a mess in their underpants when they’re up close and personal to me. That’s what they do because I’m game, game as a pebble. World champions ain’t bred out of them.

Alright. We will get onto Jake Paul don’t worry.

JF: I’ve said enough about him, I’m sick of making them more famous than what they are. They know where it’s at with me, I’ll fight anybody. Just get hold of me people, agree a price and I’m in there aren’t I, simple as that.

So you’re not going to be on the undercard but Tommy is going to be on the undercard. You must be pretty proud to have both your sons fighting on the same card.

JF: It’s great isn’t it. It’s great for me as a father, you know, it’s the biggest show this country has ever seen, 96,000 people, or close to 100,000 on the night. Who wouldn’t be proud? Two sons, massive event. And they’re both very capable, even young Tommy. Tommy will do big things, you’ll see.

And how good is it for Tommy to be working with the heavyweight champion of the world, I mean, that must be a great thing?

JB: We’re in the same gym but Tyson does his thing with SugarHill and he does his thing with me. It’s me and Tommy and it’s Tyson and Sugar y’know we train at separate times but being around the buzz of the heavyweight champion of the world and the people around it, it’s got to influence you a bit hasn’t it. And he’s an influencer himself isn’t he Tommy, he’s in that game. Well listen, he likes to fight, he loves it, he’s fighting a decent opponent who’s only lost one out of eleven, he’s a credible opponent and it’s an acid test for Tommy come early but I’m sure he will deal with it because he’s good enough. Everything’s waiting for Tommy.

Now we get onto Jake Paul, I know you’re sick of talking about him, we’ll touch a little bit on Jake Paul. Can you see that fight happening in the future, I know we’ve got Jake Paul saying he won’t give him another chance but can you see it happening again?

JF:  I’m not bothered if he doesn’t give him another chance, we can do this without Jake Paul because we’re facing and we’re doing the biggest crowd that England has ever seen. Jake Paul needs Tommy more than Tommy needs Jake Paul. The only way Jake Paul can do is keep fighting these other men like yourself, MMA men.

Like I say, Tommy will fight anybody. He had a bit of bad luck y’know he got … he had a stroke of luck didn’t he last time Jake Paul when Tommy had to pull out with a rib injury and a viral infection. At the end of the day, the cards couldn’t have fell any better for Jake Paul. 

Well listen, nobody is bothered about Jake Paul or his family. Tommy will fight anybody. He’ll fight anyone. Especially that one, we can win world titles off proper professionals, not beating some Youtubers up. You know what I’m saying, we’re looking to do big things in the conventional world, they’re a hard slog and they’re true pros which Jake Paul is terrified to dip his toe into. Looks like it to me anyway. 

But if he doesn’t fancy Tommy, I’ll slap him about a bit, don’t worry about it because Tommy will knock him out. He hasn’t got no chance with Tommy, none. He’d beat him and Tyron Woodley on the same night. So I’m a man, 57, I will fight Jake Paul, his brother Logan or his father, all at one, how’s that? Make it fair (laughs)

And you had some very strong words with Jake, you had a back and forth over that press conference?

JF: Back and forth yeah. But people don’t understand the bit behind that. He’s been very vulgar to Tommy’s girlfriend. Very vulgar. Graphic. So at the end of the day, it’s tit for tat. I’m not going to go into it, there’s no need to, but there’s reasons for it, it’s not all my fault.

I know you don’t think much of him but what do you think of Jake Paul? Do you respect what he’s trying to do?

JF: No listen, he’s done good things, he’s earned plenty of money, he’s got himself out there you know. He’s done what he’s supposed to do. He’s a good business brain, he’s a young lad, his father and mother can be proud of him but you can’t say graphic things about people’s girlfriends because when it comes to it I don’t value nobody. I don’t value no blue tick companies no nothing when they start to insult family. You know, I wouldn’t do that because I’m an old school guy, I’m old fashioned and you leave people’s missus out of things. 

But he got as good as he got that day, and like I say I apologise to the public who got it wrong. I said that soon after. And I’m John Fury, I take nothing back, I meant what I said so there you go. Put that in your pipe and smoke it to everybody. I’m a real deal me, don’t cut corners to keep bits of money flying in, don’t need it. You know if they want to get the respect off me, and people like him, be nice and don’t bring people’s family into it. All his boxing events, you know, especially if you’re going to torment people or be wrong about people’s mothers, people’s girlfriends, people’s wives. I don’t do that! I don’t do it because I’ve got more respect for the opposite sex than that. And they’re people’s family aren’t they. If you want to talk fighting, let’s talk fighting, that’s what we’re all here for to do, talk fighting. So let’s keep it like that.

So respect for Jake as the businessman but as the person, not so much?

JF: Oh yeah, oh yeah, businessman, doing the right things for a young lad, he’s ticked a lot of boxes, he’s earned plenty of money, he’s got millions of Instagram followers, he’s done everything right. But you know they can, what you call, get complacent and overstep the mark and start to be cheeky to the wrong kind you know but I’ve had to tame him, I’d put him across my knee and slap his backside for doing it. That’s in my mind to do. But listen if he wants to fight me, fight me. He thinks he can do it, I’m your man mate, Jake Paul I’m your man. Tommy will knock you spark out and he’s too good for you.

And Tommy was saying that Bocianski would actually beat Jake Paul?

JF: Course he would. Absolutely. They’re proper professional fighting men aren’t they, they’re not going in with some Youtuber who’s had a weeks notice, a paid opponent. That’s what he’s doing, he’s paying them to come off the sofa drunk to get in the ring with him to make him look good. And if you think I’m wrong Jake take my son on! If you want to think I’m lying to you, take him on. Take him on mate. It’s a business and we’ll have your little bet, we’ll have a winner take all purse, how’s that? The winner out of you and him can keep the lot. How fairer can we be? Winner takes all fight.

We’d all love to see that. That’d be great. Let’s see what happens. So if Tommy beats Bocianski will you go back to Jake and try to set up another fight?

JP: Nope. No, not interested in Jake. If Jake wants it, Jake knows how to contact our people, we’re having no more to say about Jake. Jake knows where it’s at with us and you know at the end of the day I’m not interested in him. Let him do this thing, good luck to him, I hope he makes trillions of dollars and I hope he becomes the most famous Youtuber out there. But listen, if you’re a phoney in the fight game mate you get found out and you’ll get found out messing with Fury’s like so many others before him.

And then just touching on Tyson against Dillian. How do you see the fight going, what’s your prediction? Does Whyte have any chance at all? I’m sure you’ll say no. 

JF: Listen, an eighteen stone athlete has always got a percentage of a chance, even if it’s only one. And that’s a chance. He’s got 1% of winning. The only way you can beat Tyson is if Tyson was to throw the fight and bet trillions, millions of dollars on himself to take a knee or something, cos he can’t win. Can’t win. It’s impossible. It’s like asking a donkey to win the Grand National, it ain’t happening is it. Come on! 

But listen, it’s entertainment, people want it, people believe in him but they’ve backed the wrong horse if they think Dillian Whyte can dethrone the Gypsy King. They’re deluded. Deluded. It’s not happening people, it’s not happening, there’s levels to this game. 

He’s a nice guy Dillian, he’d be a great night out, he’s a lovely fella. I have had good reports about him, people who have been around him in the past give him a good name they say he’s a bubbly fella, wears his heart on his sleeve you know. This is just purely business with Dillian Whyte. I’ve got nothing against him, his family, his brother, whatever you know, it’s business. It’s the sport of boxing and we’re obligated … to fulfil them obligations, that’s what we’re doing. That’s what we do. But he’s a good lad but he’s out of his depth. He has a water pistol, Tyson’s got a 12 bore, in both hands and he’s only got a water pistol in one hand. So, would you give yourself much a chance if you were in that situation? I say not.

Hi John, How’s it been going with all the build up in Tyson’s camp?

JF: It’s been enjoyable you know, it’s been a good experience, I’ve not been at camps for a number of years, I think my last one was in Ireland in 2018. I’ve enjoyed it, it’s been a good camp.

We’ve been injury free, everything’s gone to plan and everyone’s happy. We’re all on a high, we’re all having a good buzz, and we’re just urging each other one, bouncing off each other every day. I’ve really enjoyed it, I really have.

I’ve two sons training in the same camp and there’ll be 94 to 96,000 in attendance at Wembley, it doesn’t get much better than that. Can’t wait, it’s going to be a fabulous evening.

Yeah, absolutely. And what’s it been like for the family as well, obviously with Dillian not turning up, not speaking to anyone. He is actually speaking to us this evening for the first time but has that kind of changed the dynamic at all or how you go about the fight in your camp or not particularly?

JF: Absolutely not. It’s got nothing to do with what we do. We’re very professional, you know, we’re veterans of this game, we’ve seen it all. We just get on with what we do.

Obviously Dillian Whyte and his team have got obligations to be fulfilled. They’re contracted to do them and if they don’t do it obviously there’ll be problems later on but at the end of the day it’s nothing to do with us. It’s not our business, our business is to train hard and win the fight no matter who it is, and we’ve taken Dillian Whyte no lighter or no harder than anybody else.

We’re looking at him as a very serious contender you know, which we should do and like I say, we’re professionals, we haven’t taken our eye off the ball, we’ve worked hard and everything’s gone right and according to plan, we’ve ticked every box and you just roll on now. Our job’s done come tomorrow, I think Tyson has his last sparring session today and it’s just resting up time now and gearing up for the big night.

Have you ever seen anything like this before, you know, the not turning up, not wanting to promote the fight?

JF: No, I must say no. It’s new to me but obviously they’ve got their reasons but I think it’s more to do with being badly advised by his legal team, you know because Dillian Whyte is not such a bad character, we know him from old, you know and he’s obviously going to rely on. what those people say who he’s paying. From where I’m sitting, it’s been bad advice. I think he knows that now, that’s why he’s obligated now, he’s come to his senses at the eleventh hour, you know because he needed to. A lot can ensue if you don’t do your job properly with contracts, as you all know, especially in this day and age.

And in terms of Dillian’s style, you mentioned how seriously you’re taking him as an opponent. A lot of people are seeing this as a bit of a foregone conclusion, so how difficult is it to still see Dillian as a threat and what kind of threat does he pose?

JF: He doesn’t pose any threat. We don’t see him as a threat, we just do the job, like I say, professional. In my book it would be like asking a donkey to win the Grand National, it’s not possible.

So at the end of the day, we’re taking him as the number one contender for the WBC belt. The sanctioning bodies have put him there, we’re obligated to fight him, so we’re going to do so, even if it turns out to be one of Tyson’s easiest events, which I’m sure it will be. It has its levels in this sport and you’re going to see that when Tyson gets in the ring.

I don’t think really looking at his last two performances he’s got the capability to land a punch on Tyson, to be fair. And Tyson has got the right mindset, the right conditioning, you know he’s done everything right. Last time he faced the most dangerous man in the world with three weeks notice and coming off a load of problems, severe problems, so no.

He’s always got a chance, one in a hundred considering he’s a heavyweight and he can land that shot, you know, but that’s all he has got, one percent out of a hundred.

So no more than a puncher’s chance?

JF: No more than a puncher’s chance no. No. Two different levels.

What did you make of his last two performances, the two Povetkin fights? Obviously the first one, a lot of people said he handled himself ok and then got himself on the end of a bad shot and then did a lot better in the second fight.

JF: Well, Povetkin for me, he’s always been a puncher but he’s well past his best at 40 odd years old and the return fight, he’d just got over Covid and I think he still had Covid when he got in the ring by the look of him. I don’t think he was over the Covid19 and it was, you know what, for my money, it was good business on his people’s part, his promoters to get him in there, looking sharp.

The return fight was a rush job, and obviously Povetkin must’ve needed the money. Looking at that return performance he shouldn’t even be in the ring with Tyson. But listen, they’ve made him number one, roll ’em up and Tyson will knock’ em down. That’s what he’s here to do. But have we taken him lightly, definitely not.

And obviously Dillian missed his fight in October and he was still the mandatory number one. What’s your thoughts on that and obviously Otto’s team weren’t overly happy about that and the shoulder.

JF: Well I did an interview a few days before saying if he fights Whyte he’ll get beat, that’s his number one spot gone. And it worked because they didn’t fight Wallin. And it worked well for us, cos now we’ve got him. (laughs)

So you think he was listening to you?

JF: Up here for thinking, down there for dancing.

(laughs) Yeah, good move.

JF: Worked out well for me anyway. For us, let’s say. Not me. Cos I’m nobody but listen we’re not as dumb as we look (laughing). Set traps and some people fall in ’em, no matter how clever they think they are, and I’ve fallen in plenty by the way. I’m telling you from experience.

The one person who doesn’t think this fight is a foregone conclusion, we were chatting to David Haye yesterday, and as seems to be the way, he’s betting against Tyson. What’s your thoughts on his comments, if you’ve seen them?

JF: Well I think if Tyson was fighting against Mickey Mouse, he’d back Mickey Mouse to win. He’s always said, everyone that Tyson has fought, right from the beginning of his career, Tyson was going to lose. This man, and by the way I’m trying to get him removed because it’s become now, stupidness. And you’re not going to hear the right opinion because he’s biased. You know, his heart’s ruling his head. He’s never got one prediction right, he’s a terrible pundit, he’s a jealous maniac, I even go as far as saying he’s a racist as well.

So let’s put it this way, we have no time for David Haye at all. There’s other world class commentary men out there, pundits. You’ve got you know Steve Bunce, for my money as good as you get, you’ve got John Rawlin, Richie Woodhall, great people, Paul Malignaggi, I can go on and on and on and on. 

Why do we need this has-been who gets everything wrong, who’s jealous of Tyson’s achievements. He’s jealous of Tyson because he wants to be the man Tyson is and he could never be that. He cut his own eye to get out of a fight with Tyson back in 2013 and he made a point of saying that he never ever gave Tyson a chance. I’ll tell you why because he was terrified of the Gypsy King. Always has been, always will be. We don’t need his has-been anywhere near us, we don’t need this negativity round the ring. He’s a hater.

Do you think that what it dates back to, the 2013 fight that ended up not happening. Obviously you had that big war of words beforehand and then they never actually fought.

JF: No because he knew then he was up close and personal with the Gypsy King and realised it was Mount Everest for him and he didn’t have the tools mentally or physically to deal with that matter, so therefore he’s been bitter ever since. 

I got his number that fella, you know, I’ve got nothing against his achievements, he’s done really well. Cruiserweight champion of the world, heavyweight champion of the world, don’t get no better than for him. But as a man he sucks. You know, if he wants to try and pull me on it, I’m here David call me, call me, if you’ve got the nuts call JF, not Tyson cos he’ll slap you like a kid. That’s all I’ve got to say about him. I’m trying to get him removed from BT through his carry ons. So he’s not done anything. He’s saying this to get leverage and relevance for where he’s at now. 

He wants controversy because people are not talking about David Haye anymore and unfortunately in boxing everybody ends up the same weight. Tyson will move into that bracket when he retires. People only want current champions on the winners don’t they and you know what was he, he fought Klitschko and was absolute, well what can you say, blamed his little toe, common knowledge, who blames their foot? If you get beat by a better man, say look I’ve been beat, shake his hands and move on you know, Klitschko was far too good for him, like I say, levels in this job and he got found out. But why blame little toe, that tells you about a man’s character. Not much of one.

You mentioned there as well the race element, is that something that Tyson has been aware of throughout his career and you know that kind of prejudice?

JF: No, I’m just saying, I mean David Haye, I am not picking… not saying people… I’m saying just David Haye. Through David’s behaviour he’s obviously, he’s got a thing about travellers. Y’know cos he’s a hater. And I’ve never seen anything like it. Every floating log he’ll jump on and say it can beat Tyson Fury and it’s ridiculous. 

People are getting sick of it, and you’d expect different words to come out of a world champion’s mouth because he’s got better knowledge than that. And if he hasn’t he shouldn’t be anywhere around boxing, he’s had his day. Y’know because great fighters … he’s not a great fighter, he’s been a good fighter, he’s won belts, but like I say, they don’t always make the best pundits do they. You know what I’m saying.

But to say what he’s saying is ridiculous. He could pick somebody out of the Darby and Joan club to box Tyson and he’d say that these people could beat him, you know. You could go to the cemetery, dig somebody up and that somebody could beat Tyson Fury according to David Haye so he’s ridiculous and I’m sick of him. And JF will pull him and put him in his place. I don’t want him there. I don’t want to see the guy ever again.

Do you think it’s possible that you could get him off BT next Saturday?

JF: Well listen, if he’s there who knows, I’m going to pull him. I pull everybody else so he’s getting pulled. I don’t care if you’re big, small, little, you have things to say, what’s stupidity and I’m gonna pull you on ’em. If there’s a 50/50 fight and it’s this and it’s that, you’re entitled to your opinion, but he’s said it and got it wrong every time. You know he’s never ever got one prediction right. The man’s a total idiot. Anyway enough said about David Haye because I don’t want to get myself upset. It’s a sunny day outside and I want to enjoy it.

Speaking of people who will be there, is AJ planning to come down?

JF: No idea. I don’t know anything about anything. We’ve been locked in prison here. We’ve been in a prison camp for the last six to seven weeks now and that’s all we know. We see Morecambe Bay and people floating about outside even though we don’t engage with them. 

We’ve lived like, well Spartans for this job cos we want to get this job done because we know, at home, we’ve got to perform and get the job done cos we can’t have people laughing at us and saying we told you so especially in Britain, because we know we’ve got to knock you out to get a draw, we know that. 

Even at home, if we can call this home. I think Tyson’s home’s America because he gets treated better there. We’ve got our fans here and I thank every fan we’ve got from the bottom of my heart but you know those haters, I’ve got nowt to say to you at all. But if you wanna pull me on it, step to me and bumpff (laughs)

You’ve got no UK judges at least, how important is that?

JF: Can you blame us after what happened in Scotland? What happened to Jack Catterall, good lord. Can you blame us? Ridiculous. But listen, we’re vets of the job, we’re pros, judges are judges no matter where they’re from. We know at some point we’ve got the knock Dillian Whyte out, we’re not leaving it to the judges, even though we’ve got foreign judges, we ain’t leaving it in their hands either. 

When Tyson’s had enough of games and playing around, Tyson will knock him out, he’s got to. That’s where we’re at – at some point Dillian’s getting carried out the ring because it’s got to be that way, we’re not leaving it to judges, they could pop his hand up and it’s all forgotten about Monday morning. It’s all forgotten about like Catterall, where’s Catterall now? His life’s been ruined, nobody’s talking about it, you know, and that’s in our minds. So we’re not leaving it to the judges, because today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. Irrelevant to what’s happened, it’s the past and people have short memories, they forget don’t they. We ain’t going to leave it to no judges, let’s put it that way.

For the Wilder fights, obviously the way Tyson got up from the knockdowns, do you think that sort of comes into this fight because obviously people have said, well Dillian, y’know he’s got a big right hand on him but actually what’s it going to do if Tyson can get up?

JF: A donkey’s got a big back leg but it doesn’t make him a racehorse (laughs). Does it? Honestly people if you, listen, I can’t blame them for getting behind Dillian Whyte you know. The Fury’s aint for everybody we know that, and I know that, and people are grabbing everybody and using them as a hope to dethrone the Gypsy King because believe me there’s a lot of jealousy involved with what Tyson’s done – inside the ring, outside the ring, in the boxing world, in the non boxing world. 

They’re all having a go at the Gypsy King because he was never meant to have this kind of success was he, but he’s that good. This man is brilliant and as soon as people can swallow that and absorb it and give him credit, they’ll be better off and have better lives.  And embrace your champion because you’re never going to see the likes of him ever again. Not for a lot of years in this country. 

Generations will come and go and you’ll never see the likes of the Gypsy King again. They had never even seen him in the gypsy fraternity – gypsy travellers going back through the ages have never seen the likes of my son. Our own people, they’d never seen the likes of him. Ever. He’s a far cry from everything we’ve ever known. 

Enjoy him while he’s here because they’ll talk about Tyson Fury in 300 years, 500 years to come and they will only know the benefit of this King when he’s gone. You know they’ll be talking and realising how good he was after the event like so many more brilliant people that’s been and gone. 

It’s like Martin Luther King, we only talk about him now, and he’s been dead sixty years, you know, and what a great man but did they talk about him then, did they talk about a lot of others then? The answer’s no and Tyson will fit in that bracket I think. You know, I shouldn’t be saying it but I think that’s just my opinion by the way, nobody else’s. You know Tyson’s a great, great athlete, he’s a great personality, he loves his country, like he said if we enter World War 3, the Fury family will be signing up to defend our country. 

So why not give him something back and embrace him for what he’s done for this island? He’s conquered America. We’ve been trying to conquer America for 300 years and haven’t done it. Tyson’s done it, you know. He’s done it, he’s done the impossible. Won the most coveted prize in sport. The heavyweight champion of the world… belongs to him. He’s won every belt there is professionally, can’t do anymore and he’s won them on the road! He’s been on the road in people’s backyards with the odds stacked against him where he’s not supposed to win. Walked into, let’s say, the lion’s dens, the hornet’s nest, he’s done it all. But where’s the credit for it? I’m still waiting for it. 

Instead of people wishing he could lose and get rid of his big mouth, why? When we’ve got no talent in Britain as it is. In the heavyweight division. There’s talent but not like him. To do big things and shake the world they’ve got to be Tyson Fury, the Gypsy King, and I’m not seeing it. I’m not seeing it. Maybe in the future these new heavyweights coming on the scene but I can tell a young kid the minute I see him from 14-year old if he’s going to win a world title. I’ve just got that gift. I look in my crystal ball and I can say look, he’ll be a champion. And I don’t say it at the minute because I don’t see that. 

There’s prospects and there’s prospects but Tyson was special from being born and he’s got this glow around him. Super greatness. And there’s nobody on these shores going to take his place, I’ll tell you that now. And Dillian Whyte, dream on buddy.

What do you think the atmosphere’s going to be like because obviously the last time Tyson fought in England was before he’d sort of done all this Obviously his popularity has gone up so much because, as you say, the stuff he’s done outside of the ring for mental health organisations. 

JF: Helped a lot of people with their mental health. He’s helping people and saving lives every day and that’s more important to us than boxing, because we’re all mental health sufferers. So if we can help people. We’ve been given this platform to do good and intend to do good. And if we can help people daily we’re doing our job. And that’s all that matters. here. The past is the past, that’s in the past, let it stay there you know. 

The present’s the present and the future the future and we want to make the world a better place if we can and people give us a chance to. That’s all we’re interested in, nothing else. We’ve got everything else! Don’t need it. Doesn’t need anymore money, doesn’t need anymore accolades, doesn’t need anything. But the thing we do need to do is keep helping vulnerable people and saving young lives. And if I’m wrong for saying that, I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. Help people, they need it.

Yeah, absolutely. It would be good to just quickly chat a bit about Tommy as well. As you say it’s a big occasion for both guys on the same card. Do you think Tommy needed a night like this, in terms of where he’s at in his career. How significant is it for him?

JF: Well he’s lucky to have a brother like Tyson because me and him would be saying who are these people, who are they, like a good many more. Father and son team, boxer trainer team, you know it’s because of Tyson, Tyson has made everything possible but Tommy can actually fight. 

I know people give him a lot of stick and say he’s a Youtuber but the kid can fight and if I didn’t think he’d be capable of making me proud I’d say look, you don’t need boxing son, you’ve got a good platform, you’re a reality TV star, he makes good money you know he don’t need the fight game. But the kid loves it, he lives and breathes it. He’s had no need to be in prison with us for seven week, diets, he’s been away from his family, he’s been doing it right because he loves it and he wants to prove himself. 

And again, you know, I don’t see why Tommy doesn’t pick up titles. Whether he’s going to end up like Tyson is another matter. He’s got a long way to go. But listen, Tommy will make me proud, he’ll win belts and who knows he could even pick up a world title. The jury’s still out on him but I know what he has got, he’s got heart, he’s got punching ability and he can box. He’s got a lot to work with but he’s a blank canvas, he’s a raw novice. He’s got a long way to go in his career but he’s done nothing wrong, he’s doing everything right and I’m sure he’ll pick up one of them titles at some point because he wants it that bad. And when you want something bad enough you end up getting it if you try hard enough and you believe in yourself. Self belief can move a mountain and my boys, not just them two boxers, all six of my sons have had incredible self belief and they’ve all done well in their lives. So that proves self belief counts for a lot doesn’t it?

Is it possibly a kind of blessing in disguise that he didn’t fight Jake Paul because you say, people slate him and say he’s a Youtuber?

JF: Not really, things happen in boxing. He got his ribs broken, I’m not going to go into it but a big heavyweight hit him in the ribs and crunched all his ribs in with their bare fist. He had a bacterial infection and on the 18th of December he was rolled up in bed looking to go into the hospital at any point. 

And like I say, I took him to four different specialists and every one said no to the fight. They say it’s impossible. They said the rib could go into the lung and probably killed him. So at the end of the day I’m not going to take chances with my kids. He’s the youngest son, he’s got his life ahead of him and it’s up to me as his father to guide him and look after him. He would have fought with the broken rib but it was me what pulled him out of it. I said no. I’m going on expert advice and I do believe people are in these fields are there for a reason. 

A doctor’s not learned how to be a doctor all his life for nothing and they’re sage and they’re sane and people like them so I’m going to take heed of professional people because in the past I’ve proved it works. I’ve proven to myself, and everybody else, that those professional people can save lives and they’ve saved Tyson’s life. People in the field he’s been dealing in they’ve saved his life and thank you very much to them. Professional people, take heed of them, they’re not there for nothing.

Is the Jake Paul fight definitely done then?  You know that couldn’t happen again in the future?

JF: I don’t know. I think he’s had his bit of kudos off the Fury name hasn’t he and I think he’s got away with fighting Tommy. But listen, when he looks in the mirror, he’ll know the truth. you know. The gate’s still open, the contract’s on the table, if he wants Tommy sign it and he can be next. He knows that. He can be next. So, we’re not going to push him, we don’t push people. We don’t need to do that, we’ve got better things to do with our time. Tommy’s doing fabulously in life for a young 21-year old kid. Him and his girlfriend are doing superbly, Molly Mae’s the head of her job, a very successful young lady you know, and they make a great partnership.

We don’t need Jake Paul. Jake Paul needs the Furys more than the Furys need the Pauls. Well what’s he got? He’s going to fight some Youtuber, what he’s gonna pay a few quid to on short notice to make yourself look good but sooner or later the public get sick of all that and they demand a real fight and if you’re a phoney in the fight game you get found out I’m afraid. I hold that to be true as well. So yeah, Jake Paul – if he wants it he can have it next, if not carry on with his life and leave our name out of his mouth, we’re not interested in. Anything else?

One final one. This is for yourself, not Tyson or Tommy. Big fight for the UK obviously, you’re not overly happy with the state of the UK at the moment, is that correct? And you want to become the Mayor of Manchester?

JF: Have yous all forgotten about April’s Fools Day? What do we do on April Fools Day?

Awww, ach

JF: It’s a prank day. I’d be shot if I even… If JF thought about that I’d be shot dead. (laughs) I haven’t got the brains, I’ve not got the looks, I’m just a big silly father what loves his kids and that’ll do me. Leave the mayors to the mayors in keeping. (laughs)

Well thank you very much for your time John.

JF: Thank you dear, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Yeah my pleasure and all the best on the 23rd.

JF: Thank you very much and enjoy the Easter weekend, I hope the weather’s great for you.

And the same to you, cheers John.

JF: Take care sweetie, bye bye.