Get The Best Of Both Worlds With bet365 Partial Cash Out

Partial Cashout is an innovative feature at bet365 which allows punters to Cash Out a proportion of their bet, whilst also leaving a remaining stake to run

Partial Cashout is an innovative feature at bet365 which allows punters to cash out a proportion of their bet, whilst also leaving a remaining stake to run.

With live betting on the rise and punters looking for more and more engagement on mobile and tablet, it’s little wonder that the option to cash out early has been such a big hit in the industry.

The modern day gambler no longer has to watch on in horror when a football team has a player sent off early on, or a horse is not inspiring any confidence, with the option to cash out alleviating any worries about losing an entire stake. The cash out option can even be used to guarantee a profit if a team is winning or a horse is travelling well, with punters able to take a reduced payout to ensure they get a return.

But therein lies the quandary, do you sit it out in the hope that your team wins despite being down to 10 men and under constant attack? Or that your horse will somehow get a second wind and surge back through the field? Whether to cash out or not can be an agonising decision, but bet365 have come up with the perfect solution.

Partial Cash Out At bet365

Now you can get the best of both worlds at bet365, with the ability to lock in profit or limit losses by cashing out part of your stake, while the remainder is left to run until the event concludes.

Simply use the cash out slider to determine how much of your bet you wish to cash out and how much you wish to keep riding on the bet, with up to 10 cash outs for each single bet and up to 5 cash outs for each multiple bet. The minimum amount that can be partially cashed out is 10 x minimum unit stake, which for UK customers is £1.00 (10 x £0.10 minimum unit stake).
Once 9 out of the 10 or 4 out of the 5 partial cash outs for a bet has been reached, the only option available is to fully cash out the bet or leave the remaining stake to run.

Partial Cash Out On bet365 allows you to cut losses and guarantee profits, while also keeping a part of your bet running

Ways To Utilise Partial Cash Out

The flexibility of partial cash out lends itself nicely to use on racing and football accumulators. For example; if the going changes after your first racing selection has won, and you don’t feel the new conditions will quite suit your other selections, you have the chance to cash out part of the bet and keep the rest on your remaining horses to protect you from missing out on a win.

You might consider backing a football team to win which is notorious for starting well, but has been known to concede the odd late goal. Let’s say they hold a 1-0 lead at half-time and you can cash out for a profit, with partial cash out you can also keep a part of your stake riding on that team, so you’ll be doubly delighted if they go on to secure a victory.

Those are just a couple of ways in which partial cashout can give you the best of both worlds, feel free to let us know your thoughts on bet365’s handy feature in the comments section below.

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