Guarantee A Profit On Man City v Barcelona With bet365’s Risk Free In-Play Bet explains how to make a guaranteed profit with the latest offer on bet365, £50 risk free in-play bet on the Manchester City v Barcelona match on Tuesday 18th February.

The Champions League returns this week with Manchester City facing one of the biggest games in the club’s history. Manuel Pellegrini’s side host Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie at the Etihad and will be hoping to take a lead to defend at the Nou Camp a fortnight later. The result will be a close call but you needn’t concern yourself with trying to pick the winner as bet365 has provided us with an opportunity to make a guaranteed profit on the match.

bet365 is offering a risk free in-play bet on Manchester City v Barcelona and we explain how you can use the risk free in-play bet to guarantee a profit on the match.

Before the match kicks off place up to £50 on any Manchester City v Barcelona market and bet365 will match the stake with up to £50 risk free bet to use in-play. Risk free means if the in-play bet loses, bet365 will refund the stake as real cash which can be withdrawn back to your bank account. This means it’s possible to place bets in such a way as to guarantee making a profit on the match.

The first thing you’ll need is a bet365 account. If you’re not already registered, click here and open an account now. You can find out more about bet365 and available offers on the welcome offer page, here. You’ll need an account balance of at least £100 to get the maximum free bet.

To make a guaranteed profit on bet365, just make the two following bets:

Once you have an account fnded with at least £100, place £50 before kick off on the Man City Double Chance, the current price is 4/7.
When the match kicks off place £50 on Barcelona to win, currently 7/5.

Using the Double Chance market means you have covered two possible match outcomes and taking the other win outcome with the risk free in-play bet means you have covered all three match results and you’re guaranteed a profit regardless.

If Man City win or draw the match, you’re your first bet returns £78.57 plus £50 refund because your risk free bet on Barcelona lost. You receive £128.57 for £100 outlay, a profit of £28.57.

If Barcelona win, you’ll receive £120, less your £100 initial outlay for a profit of £20

Click this link to place your bets.

Using this method at the current prices means you are guaranteed to make either £28.57 or £20 profit for a few minutes work. This is another great example of how can help you get the maximum value from betting.

Manchester City v Barcelona kicks off at 7.45 on Tuesday 18th February 2014 and you have until then to place your pre-match bet to qualify for the offer and guarantee a profit.