Jeremy Stephens bites back at Conor McGregor

Stephens, who is coming off the back of an impressive win over Gilbert Melendez, took to Twitter in order to showcase a picture of himself with The Notorious One’s mother. Whilst it was an amusing response to the legendary ‘Who the f*** is that guy?’ from last year’s UFC 205 press conference, it seems to have been ‘too little too late’ for the majority of fans.

People were saying that Jeremy’s response came far too late in the day for anyone to take it seriously, and if anything it just makes the Lil Heathen look even more silly. Still, it’s what happens inside the cage that counts the most and Stephens seems to be back on track once again following a disappointing string of defeats.

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His win over Melendez signifies that he can still be a player down at featherweight, and given the lack of depth in that division his chances of one day landing a title shot have significantly improved.

He’ll need to start building up some momentum, though, and if he can squeeze another fight in before the end of the year then he’s in with a great chance of gatecrashing the top 5 heading into 2018.

The 31-year-old is smart and knows what he can do in the octagon, and given that he’s only lost one fight by knockout it seems as if he’ll have many more fights in the UFC before he calls time on his career.

Conor, on the other hand, is still celebrating his big pay day from his infamous professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather. McGregor may have come away with the bout with a defeat on his record, but the performance that he put in gave MMA fans and pundits alike an immense sense of pride given that he wasn’t given a chance.

A future fight between the two seems extremely unlikely given the positions that both are currently in, but if Conor feels like going back down to make a statement at featherweight then we could see these two lock horns in the distant future.

If nothing else, we’d like to see another verbal confrontation between the two if they end up being on the same card together. That’s not too much to ask, right?