Ledley King Confident Over Fitness for World Cup

England's Ledley King has stated that he is confident he can remain fit during the rigours of World Cup football.

England’s Ledley King has stated that he is confident he can remain fit during the rigours of World Cup football.The Tottenham centre-back is only able to train twice a week as a result of knee problems.

He said: "I’ve shown this season I can play games in quick succession. Monday to Saturday shouldn’t be a problem."

King believes that he will be able to go on to play an integral role in this summer’s South African World Cup.

"I like to believe so," he said. "The medical team, the facilities are second to none. I believe with the right help and support I can do that.

"The medical team, the manager have allowed me to do what I normally do. I couldn’t ask for any more than that."

The Spurs defender also believes he will be able to make an effective partnership with Chelsea’s John Terry but admits that their preparation time together will be limited.

"I’ve known John for a long time. He’s a great communicator on the pitch and that’s what you need," he said.

"It is difficult. We’re not going to have much time regardless of me training once or twice a week. But I am an experienced player and have played for long enough to know my position.

"I will keep an eye on training – especially for set-pieces – and I am sure I will know where to be on the pitch. Communication is key and, if that’s good, we have a good chance."

King also spoke of recently ruled-out captain Rio Ferdinand: "He’s very disappointed at the moment. But he’s going to stick around and show his support.”

"As a player you always prepare to play. You never know what’s round the corner. At any time an injury could occur and you could be called upon."

England start in Group C on June 12th against the US. Victor Chandler give England 7/1 odds of winning the World Cup.