Luke Shaw Mocks Paul Pogba For Penalty Run Up

Paul Pogba scared a crucial goal after missing a penalty for Manchester United against Everton on Sunday, but Luke Shaw couldn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at the Frenchman.

The first half spotkick was saved by Jordan Pickford only for the rebound to be put in by Pogba, before Anthony Martial netted a second. Gylfi Sigurdsson then halved the deficit from 12 yards but the Red Devils hung on.

But many fans mocked Pogba for his long and very slow run up, which Pickford later admitted helped him save the original kick. Shaw was certainly one of them.

He tweeted with the hashtag #ThingsYouCanDoDuringPogbasPenaltyRunUp, and added the caption “make a comeback in your career and renew your contract”, which is exactly what he had done at Old Trafford.

Funnily enough, as somebody else proved, the fastest man alive Usain Bolt can run 100m in the time it took Pogba to step up and strike the ball over the weekend.