New Formula 1 Partner, Salesforce Gets to Work in Melbourne This Sunday

The Formula 1 organisation has announced that Salesforce, described as “the global leader in customer relationship management”, will join the sport as a global partner to “power and grow fan engagement.”

Additionally, Formula 1 has stated they will work with Salesforce to “gain actionable insights from Formula 1’s carbon footprint,” helping to accelerate the sport’s mission to reach net-zero emissions by the year 2030.

In a press release Formula 1 stated: “Both efforts will further strengthen F1 fans’ connection to the sport and sustainability efforts, creating long-lasting and loyal relationships worldwide.”

Throughout the partnership, Formula 1 and Salesforce – a proven leader in sustainability – will work together to expand a rapidly growing global fanbase and deepen the engagement of existing fans.

Data Crunching, Experiences and Insights

According to the statement, the aim is to gain a greater insight into and understanding of the Formula 1 global fanbase and help inform behaviours, communication, and actions with fans as they engage with the sport.

In addition to a richer understanding of fan data, the multi-year deal is also focused on bringing unique experiences to fans. This will include new broadcast graphics, designed to bring fans closer to Formula 1 and Grand Prix activations; starting with ‘Driver of the Day’ in Melbourne this Sunday.

Confidently concluding the communique, the Formula 1 press office wrote: “By leveraging the technology and expertise from Salesforce to create innovative digital experiences and accelerate sustainability efforts, Formula 1 will build and develop the most engaged fanbase in sports.”

Sustainable Formula 1 Fuel Is on the Horizon

It was November 2019 when Formula 1 announced its intention to have a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030. In addition to the plans to eliminate the carbon footprint of the cars on-track activities, ongoing initiatives include action to ensure F1 moves to ultra-efficient logistics and travel and 100 percent renewably powered offices, facilities and factories.

From the start of 2022 Formula 1 cars began using an E10 fuel. It is a mixture of 90 percent fossil fuel and 10 percent ethanol. But with the launch of the new generation of Formula 1 engines in 2025, the aim is to develop a 100% sustainable fuel.

Going into the third race of the season in Australia, it looks a 2-horse race between Red Bull and Ferrari in the Constructors Championship.