NFL: The GOAT Tom Brady Retires

The term GOAT is often overused, but when it comes to Tom Brady, it is exactly how he should be referred to.

The 44-year-old announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday, amid much speculation for the past few days, leaving a lasting legacy behind, and taking seven Super Bowl rings with him.

Brady did things the hard way, his picture from the NFL combine ahead of  his draft year is one that will haunt him forever. Taken as a 6th rounder by the New England Patriots, Brady was an afterthought, and at best, a back up quarterback in the making.

How wrong were those who took part in the draft.

We didn’t know it was the end when Brady walked off the field after losing against the LA Rams in the playoffs two weeks ago, there was no farewell lap of the playing surface. Brady went out on his terms, just like he had dictated play on his terms for many years.

Perhaps the best feature of Brady, and what sets him apart from everyone else, is his longevity. He’s won four of his seven Super Bowls since turning 37, and at a time when quarterbacks are getting hit more and more.

What he does leave is a huge gap for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to fill. Their team is based around the play of Brady, and they now need to go out and find a quarterback to fill the biggest shoes of all time.

It is no surprise at all to see the odds on Tampa Bay winning the 2023 Super Bowl have extended dramatically, this is a team that has talent, but without their main man, leader, and GOAT. The win-now mentality they had under Brady will have to change, and it could be a few years before they build back and challenge again.

Who Will Take Over from Brady?

Of course, as one player departs the game, talk turns to who will take over and dominate the football world over the coming years. Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and of course, Patrick Mahomes, will all throw their collective hats into the ring for that title moving forward.

Burrow has a chance to win the Super Bowl this year, while Mahomes is favourite to do it next year, and is similar to Brady in many ways.

The Kansas City Chiefs have built everything around Mahomes and his strengths, just like we have seen the Patriots and Buccs do over the past few years with Brady.

Both Allen and Burrow look destined to be elite, but if there is one man out there who can really take the game and dominate it, while winning more Super Bowl rings along the way, then it is likely to be Patrick Mahomes.