Prince William and Kate to Marry?

Speculation is continuing to mount over the prospect of a Royal wedding.

Speculation is continuing to mount over the prospect of a Royal wedding.

With Prince William once famously telling reporters that he will be ready to marry after his 28th birthday – which is just a few weeks away and royal watchers claiming a date has been set to announce his engagement to Kate Middleton, many think a wedding could soon be on the cards.

American OK magazine has even run a feature talking about what the wedding will be like. They reckon that the wedding will follow a template set out by William’s mother Princess Diana.

They say they’ve timed the feature to coincide with insider information from the palace, hinting at a public summer engagement between William and Kate.

And the big day be used as an opportunity to pay homage to Princess Di. They say that: "Princess Diana often dreamt of the great man her son William would one day become – and the fairytale wedding she would create for him.

"… Prince William is planning to carry out his late mother’s wishes down to the smallest detail."

However, the Daily Star reports that Prince William is so tired of speculation about a future engagement he has banned all talk of it while he tries to help secure the 2018 World Cup for England.

The paper reckons that he’s asked aides to "yellow-card" guests who bring it up at receptions he’ll be attending while in South Africa. They’ve produced briefings with a list of topics that will be accepted and weddings aren’t on there. One aide told the Daily Star: “William doesn’t want this to overshadow the very serious reason he’s there.”
betfair are currently running a book on which prince will be the first to announce they’re getting married with odds of 1.8/1 it will be Prince William, odds of 16/1 it will be Harry and odds of 21/20 there will be no engagement announcement this year .

They are also taking bets on when any engagement would take place with odds of 21/20 that no engagement will take place in 2010 and odds of 24/5 that it will take place in July-August this year.