Rare 'Cristiano' FUT Card Gets Huge Upgrade

This is unbelievable!
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When you think of a rare Cristiano FIFA Ultimate Team card, you’re attention, of course, will immediately turn to a certain Real Madrid superstar. Amazingly, though, he may not even be the best player with his name on the game.


Instead, a Kashiwa Reysol striker by that same name has taken the FUT community by storm, despite only being a silver, 74-rated card.

His stats are staggering, with 90 pace, three-star skills and a four-star weak foot to name just a few; 91 shot power and 80 shooting make him a rather desirable asset.

That demand has, understandably, ramped the price of his card right up and made him rather rare. But ‘Cristiano’ appears set for a rather stunning upgrade.

The 31-year-old is now an 83, with 93 pace, 85 shooting and 86 physical. There will certainly be a few people wanting to get their hands on him now…

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