Sporting Index Offer £100 Free Spread Betting On The Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup looming Sporting Index will give new players £100 free to try their hand at spread betting

The 2015 Rugby World Cup looks set to provide six weeks of exciting sporting action and spread betting will guarantee more thrills with a variety markets to keep you hooked throughout the entire tournament. Much like the game of rugby, spread betting is not a pastime for the feint hearted which makes the £100 free bet offer on Sporting Index perfect for the Rugby World Cup.

Sporting Index will be offering over 60 markets on the Rugby World Cup, starting with the outright index, group indices and supremacy markets on every match. There are team markets for all 20 nations with indices for Total Points, Total Tries, Total Shirt Numbers, Kicking Metres and Penalties allowing you to pit your expertise against the Sporting Index traders.

New players can get to grips with spread betting by opening a demo account or if understanding the concept, can jump straight in and Sporting Index will credit your account with £100 non-withdrawable cash. You will have seven days to play with your trading credit, the first £100 of any losses are covered and you get to keep any profits you make over and above the £100 credit.

Sporting Index gives new players £100 free to try spread betting on the Rugby World Cup

Spread Betting – The Most Exciting Way To Bet On The Rugby World Cup

What makes spread betting more exciting than traditional fixed odds betting is the more you are right with your prediction, the more you will you win. Conversely, the more you get it wrong, the more you will lose.

Spread betting companies create an index which consists of a Sell price and a Buy price with a margin between, known as the spread. Take the example of Total Tournament Tries, Sporting Index has set the spread at Sell 278 – 288 Buy. If you think there will be less than 278 tries you can Sell the spread a unit of stake of your choosing, just for example say £10.

For every try under 278 you will win £10 and for every try over 278 you will lose £10. If the tournament ends with 270 tries, you’ll win (278-270=) 8 x £10 = £80. But if 285 tries are scored you will lose (285-278=) 7 x £10 = £70.

If it sounds risky, that’s because it is as every try scored in the Rugby World Cup will affect how much you stand to win or lose so there is the potential to win or lose far more than your stake amount.

However, by carefully calculating the most you can lose you can place a suitable stake amount to limit your exposure. Additionally you can bet in-play which provides the opportunity to lock in a profit when in a winning position or cut your losses if your initial bet looks like losing more than you’d like.

Spread betting requires a sensible approach to safeguard against risking more than you can afford to lose but there is no escaping the fact that it offers the most exciting way to bet on the Rugby World Cup. 

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