Transformers And Monopoly Games Head To Betfred Mobile

Betfred Casino have added two popular branded slots to their Mobile version, players able to try Transformers and Monopoly with a £5 free bonus

Betfred continue to expand their Mobile Games range with the fantastic new addition of branded slots Transformers and Monopoly, both of which can be played for free thanks to a £5 no deposit free bonus.

Marvel – literally – at Betfred Casino’s Transformers: Battle For Cybertron mobile slot, featuring 40 paylines from the five-reel game based on the comic book and film epic.

Transformers is the newest Betfred Mobile free game

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Freefall symbols and mystery features consistently add to the game, with the appearance of famous Transformer characters during the game having their own affects on a player’s chances of winning higher jackpots.

Optimus Prime removes all Decepticon symbols while Megatron destroys all Autobot symbols. Shockwave and Grimlock destroy random patterns of symbols, while Ratchet only appears if there are two bonus symbols on the reels, also causing a third bonus Symbol to cascade and trigger a bonus.

The most popular board game, Monopoly also features as a Mobile slot to play on the move in your bid to clinch a high jackpot reward.

The Monopoly Dream Life slot sees players attempt to reach the Monopoly bonus and increase income through larger stacks of wilds in the bonus, building up free spins by finding three bonus symbols together in the centre line.

Betfred’s Mobile platform also comes with a £5 free welcome bonus offer when players register a mobile account before 31st December 2013, no deposit required when you include the promotion code ‘FREE’.

Claim your £5 free Betfred Mobile bonus, no deposit required.

Betfred is registered in Gibraltar which features on the UK government’s white list of approved authorities for meeting high standards of quality control.

Its new Mobile gaming platform takes advantage of Playtech software, renowned for superb graphics with smooth gameplay from its regularly updated games.